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How can Day Time Sleeping be Helpful

If you ever feel like energising yourself right in the middle of a busy workday, Power nap for approximately twenty minutes is one of the best boosters recommended by various doctors. Are you also troubled by the unexpected dozing off during work hours? It is important for you to go through this article before you put your head down and doze off while at work. If compared to a fully awake but yet sleepy employee that gap of forty winks can apparently Power nap can make a lot of difference in enhancing your efficiency.

To make sure that you don’t lose your efficiency throughout the day a short daytime snooze is highly recommended by several experts. Dr Preeti Devnani, a Clinical Director at the Sleep Disorder Clinic in Khar explained that Power nap that is taken in the afternoon are extremely refreshing. The various benefits of daytime sleeping include elevated mood, better cardiovascular functions and enhanced alertness and work performance during busy hours.

As per various studies, it was also noticed that daytime napping not only helps in improving memory and blood pressure but can also work better than the daily dose of your caffeine, saving you from the ill effects of caffeine. Devnani, further quoting a study which was carried out by preschoolers it was witnessed that children who take a Power nap during the daytime tend to perform a lot better in tasks such as visual-spatial if compared to those who do not nap.

Advantages of Sleeping in the Afternoon:

The advantages of sleeping in the afternoon do not vanish for those whose work is associated with high-stress sectors like aviation. Usually, pilots are advised and encouraged to take the adequate Power nap in daytime whenever possible to stay alerted and avoid restlessness. Captain Deepak Khanna who works for a leading airline says “Pilots naturally develop an ability to afternoon sleep when needed. Midday naps are like second nature to us. Personally, I love a siesta. A short one, for about an hour or so, energises me and gets me ready for that evening or early morning flight.”

Before you get comfortable with your pillow, Dr. Khanna reminds everyone of an important keyword – ‘short’.  Dr. Prashant Chajjed, Head of Department, Pulmonology, Fortis Hospital, Vashi says “Keep the siesta limited to 25-30 minutes. Napping for too long will eat into your night sleep, causing a delayed onset of sleep." At the same time it is also important to keep in mind that you don’t sleep more than thirty minutes at a stretch as it can be associated with ‘sleep inertia’ which can cause a person to awake or get back form the sleep in an utterly distorted and confused state of mind. This is precisely the reason why some of the daytime naps leave you with nothing but lethargic and lazy.

The most appropriate time to take a nap and yes you guessed it right, 1 to 4 p.m. and as per a Japanese study it can further be narrowed down that the best time to take a nap is around 2 pm. According to various researchers, this particular hour in the daytime helps in generating effective and long lasting feeling of alertness. While this is a leisure everyone can savour, Dr. Chajjed has specially recommended daytime naps to people who often work in shifts. To maintain the efficiency and to run throughout the day, elder people and women who have recently given birth are also advised to take a Power nap during the daytime.

Daytime Sleeping Don't Causes Weight Gain:

‘Sleeping during the daytime causes weight gain.’ This famous common myth has always haunted fitness freaks as they try to fight their afternoon hours of drowsiness. Related to such concerns, Dr. Chajjed explained “If you're tired, you need to sleep. However, make sure you know the difference between a power nap and excessive daytime sleepiness." The one mentioned latter is a symptom of a very serious sleeping condition called sleep apnea, which means urgent medical attention is required.

Despite all the advantages it is much easier to understand how siesta is surrounded by the stigma in a world of competition where everything is addressed by deadlines and work pressure. Dr. Devnai further advised that “People believe that napping is for the sick, the elderly and children alone. They think it reflects a certain laziness, indicating a lack of ambition. All these conceptions are false. People are still not educated about the benefits of napping.When fatigue sets in, a quick nap can do wonders for your mental and physical stamina. Take a power nap at your desk for about 10-15 minutes. Set an alarm and close your eyes. It would help boost your energy for the rest of the day."

Perchance to Dream

Satyanshu Singh a famous scriptwriter and a National Award Winning filmmaker swears by his afternoon nap, the advantages of daytime snoozing which he has been enjoying for more than a decade now. He further stated that “Writing and being creative tires the mind out, and nothing rejuvenates me more than an afternoon nap. Sleep is much underrated in today's world, but for someone who judges their work by the quality and not the quantity of hours put in, a nap can drastically improve performance. So, do yourself a favour, and nap."

For those who still think it is not possible to savour the leisure that daytime was snoozing brings along, start with not so heavy stretching exercises. Roam around for a while and try taking short breaks frequently. If you are fortunate enough you might be able to crack that one spot which permits you to get hold of some shut-eye and make a comeback with more energy than twenty minutes before the napping.

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