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How can you Stop Migraine from Ruining your Day

The various side effects that are caused by Migraine include – serious throbbing in the head, increased sensitivity for things like sound, light or smell and can be brutally painful. Although various researchers fail to agree with the number of people who are suffering from migraine, but the official numbers start from 16.2 percent to 22.7 percent.

Dr. Wade Cooper who is a director of a headache and neuropathic clinic stated that the migraines are a lot more common these days than most of the people think. He further added that “If you've ever had too much to drink, you usually prefer to have sunglasses and have the sound down low if you have a throbbing headache. An alcohol induced headache — what we call a hangover headache — that, by definition, is migraine."

Although there are several composite ways and methods to explain the various kinds of headache but as per Cooper’s experience, nearly all the headaches he works on can be categorize into two major buckets. These buckets are – tension headaches or migraines. Adding to the chaos, causes that are accounted for migraine can also be accounted for tension-type headaches. Some of these are – sore muscles, an irregular and poor sleeping pattern and stress. For such headaches, light pain relieving medication are adequate to treat and can generate desired results. But as the mild headache moves from mild to moderate or severe, the pain crosses over from the category of tension-type headaches to migraine, stated Cooper. On top of the pain that is already a guest in your head, you might tend to feel nauseated or be sensitive to even mild light, smell or sound.

Migraines tend to occur in situations where an over sensitized brain is over simulated. For people who suffer from such condition of severe headaches or migraines, it is very important to identify the factor that triggers it. The sooner you identify what triggers, the sooner you can start to seek out for necessary measures to control or even avoid them, explained Cooper. Such headaches and migraines can be triggered by numerous factors starting from environmental to eating habits. Seeking out for options to treat such conditions usually means consulting with a professional, but then it can also mean the issue is internal and related to your sleep. You can also try and consult with a therapist, if you suspect any anxiety issues or concentrate more towards your daily diet. While you seek out for solutions for the splitting headache, take a look at the list mentioned below of the most common reasons.


If you have a concern that your headache or migraines are periodic, go through the data available more often about the treatments recommended by Cooper and discuss about it with your personal doctor.

1. Identify the triggers and try to avoid them – Identifying the triggers can also mean that avoiding food or eatables that are marked as low fat content, diet, etc as there is a high probability that those foods contains artificial sweeteners explained Cooper. It can also mean to keep a check on the ingredients present in your medicine. For example there might be caffeine in your medication that you weren’t aware about. In case of women, they can try observing their menstrual cycle and assess if the headaches or migraines are more common during the period.

2. Regulate Stress and sleep – Various patients that visit Dr. Cooper are free to consult a pain psychologist or to get professional assistance on how to reduce stress. The presence of physical therapist around also helps in managing stress in a way that it does not bother your head, shoulders or neck.

3. Discuss about vitamin supplements – Various doctors allow patients to take supplements to avoid severe headaches, migraine, particularly magnesium.

4. Get prescribed medication – Some of the medications may be periodic, while some are used to prevent any activity from happening. For example if any kind of sexual arousal or the following climax often tends to trigger severe headache or migraine, a pill is available which you can have before the activity. Another alternative is that you can be maintaining your diet by strictly eating healthy. Being considerate about the sleeping pattern can also help in keeping a check on the frequency of migraine.

5. Consider surgical procedures - One of the treatments for conditions like severe headache or migraine is filling the nose with an anesthetic named lidocaine by inserting a tiny catheter in the nostril. This can prevent headaches and reduce their frequency.




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