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How Much Fibre Is Required Per Day?

You might have heard several times that taking foods rich in fibre is a good idea. As most of us look for ways to improve our health, we wish to do it. But, as with any other good things, there is a limit. As the famous saying goes, “Too much of anything is good for nothing”, you should be careful about the fibre intake as well.

How much fibre is too much?

For those planning to increase fibre intake, they should know how much fibre is too much. Only then, they can make it a health food choice. The reason is that too much of fibre in the diet can lead to bloating, constipation and gas. Of course, this can be relieved with home remedies. But, this happens when you take more than 70 grams of fibre per day. You might think that it is not common. Yes, you are right. But, it tends to happen in people following a vegan diet. Also, it happens more of raw and whole foods in their diet.

How much fibre foods can one take in a day?

Even though we talked about 70 grams earlier, the recommended fibre intake differs based on different factors from one person to another. The recommended fibre intake per day differs based on factors like pregnancy factors, age and gender. However, the recommendation given below for fibre foods might help:

  • Adult women – 25 grams per day
  • Adult Men – 38 grams per day
  • More than 50 years of age – men 30 grams and women 21 grams
  • Lactating and pregnant women – More fibre intake is recommended and they should take at least 28 grams of fibre per day.

When you take a diet rich in fibre, you can keep the digestive system healthy. Even, it is known to keep your blood pressure under control. Also, it will bring down the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart issues. A healthy diet of a whole-grain dinner along with lentils, a sandwich with vegetables and fruits for lunch and a healthy breakfast with oatmeal can help you easily reach the threshold.

What are the side-effects of taking more fibre in a given day?

Using a fibre calculator will help if you are concerned about taking too much fibre. Just if the number increases in a single day, you might not experience any symptoms. But, when your diet continues to have more of fibre content, you might experience the following symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Poor absorption of some essential nutrients
  • Dehydration
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Feeling too much full
  • Gas
  • Bloating

How to treat the issues?

If you feel that you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above due to excess fibre intake, you can follow the home remedies given below:

  • Keep away from foods that can increase bloating like chewing gum
  • Engage in physical activities
  • Increase the consumption of fluids
  • Bring down fibre consumption

For individuals experiencing severe side-effects of high fibre intake, the best thing they can do immediately is to reduce fibre consumption to just 10 grams per day.

What are the best sources of fibre?

Are you concerned that you are not taking sufficient fibre-rich foods in your diet? Then, you should know about the foods rich in fibre and they are:

  • Whole grains
  • Legumes
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Vegetables

It is better to include more fibre rich foods in your diet. This will ensure that in addition to fibre, you can get a wide range of other nutrients as well. Even, you can take a balance of insoluble and soluble fibre.

With the intention of taking a high fibre diet plan, it is better not to take high-fibre supplements or energy bars. The reason is that your body can easily handle the fibre that it gets from fresh fruits and whole grains as against these sources.

How much fibre per day to lose weight?

Many people ask “how much fibre per day to lose weight?” The reason is that many people these days look for ways to lose weight. Earlier, dieters were recommended to consume about 30 grams of fibre per day. On the other hand, the present suggestion is 20 to 35 grams of fibre per day. If you take up a diet program, you will get the customised recommendation to help you achieve the weight loss goals.

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