How to Deal With Death Itch

How to Deal With Death Itch

What do you do or see when a suicidal thought tries its best to overpower you? The plan of action definitely involves best psychiatrist from the city.

As soon the start comedian, Robin Williams ended his life in his Marin Country home on Monday, it was once again proved that the battling depression for decades was because of the veteran. As per the stats arranged by the World Health Organizations commonly known as WHO, a person loses life because of suicide every forty seconds in India. Figures that are specific to India can appear gloomy.

According to Crisis intervention center AASRA, one of the major reasons that can be accounted for death in the country among people aged between 15 and 35 is suicide. Approximately more than one lakh people die by committing suicide every year. According to the stats, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai loses approximately 3 and 2 lives every week.

Johnson Thomas who is a director and co-founder of AASRA said that “Suicide is a last call for help from those who realise that traditional support systems have failed for them. They block out people from their lives, one by one. There comes a point when they stand isolated." This Non-Profit Organization (NGO) also works for a hotline which is established to prevent suicides all over the country. Most of the calls that are received by these NGOs are at level one as per experts. During this stage the person only starts to think or imagine dark subjects and conclusions. The signs for advanced stages include exploring new and innovative ways to end lives. The major calls received by the NGO are from people aged - fifteen to forty five.

Mirror had a talk with four counselors on effective methods to fight the early signs of suicidal thoughts.

Step Out into a Public Place

Dr. Kesri Chawla, Hinduja Hospital


The very first rule which also mandatory to follow is to not stay alone. Get outdoors and the city is packed with hundreds of people everywhere. The moment you are in a public place, it is practically impossible to feel alone or isolated. This is the shortest and the instant way to distract yourself. The odds of you behaving repulsively in the public are very less. If you can contact your family then reach out for them and explain to them what you are going through and ask for some encouragement to get help. It is not necessary that you go to a professional counselor for help. You can visit your GP from the neighborhood as she can help you in reaching out for the right person. It can definitely not be a friend who is trying to talk you out of it. You need help of a counselor who is trained medically. One of the characteristics of suicidal thoughts is that they become common instead of being occasional. Gradually you will notice that it makes its presence every now and then. It urges you to prepare for the process by seeking for objects and goods that can aid the act. These are the clear markers and if you happened to notice them, ask for help immediately.

Imagine a Traffic Light Turning Red

Varkha Chulani, Lilavati Hospital

Suicidal can be categorized into two, which includes – those who have been clinging on to a feeling which is hopeless and have prepared their suicide and those who tend to panic and get impulsive and neglect that what they imagine can actually happen. People who fall in the first category need to evoke a very pleasant and soothing memory from their past lives. It can be something that have been very meaningful to you or helped you shape up while growing. The minute a mind introduces a pleasant scenario, a dark thought gets trashed. This can work as an immediate distraction but is also only a temporary solution. The people who fall into the latter category can try imagining a red traffic signal light, which is a sign of putting a break at your speed. Try this every time you encounter a negative thought. These people can also make a close call, get outdoors have a walk or stand in the shower. Try Indulging in an activity that can successfully take you attention off the suicidal thoughts, although the final solution is to reach out for a psychiatrist.

Speak to the one who has Hurt You

Dr. Yusuf Matcheswalla, JJ Hospital

Seeking out for markers is one of the most important steps you can take for yourself. An interrupted sleeping pattern followed by situations where you see yourself in tears or feelings that the future is bleak are significant signs. Do not add to the burden by taking decisions that aren’t rational and are rash. Some of these include – quitting job or giving up in a relationship. For times like these initiate a conversation with the one who has hurt you. It can be anyone from your ex-boss, ex-wife, best buddy or boyfriend. When you discuss about an issue you first break it down into components and this might also make you realize that you might have been magnifying it. Though helplines are the immediate solution but seeking out for a professional in this field is a more permanent soulution.

Pick up Cell Phone and Call

Dr. Pavan Sonar, Sanjeevani Hospital

Isolating yourself might result in rumination, which is then followed by dismal thoughts. Talking to anyone, even if it means talking to a stranger on a helpline number for preventing suicides can work momentarily. Talking to a stranger helps. As the person does not know the persona personally you will get entirely non-judgmental opinions. The whole agenda of the crisis intervention is to provide a person a vent for their emotions. And similarly feel free to walk into counseling centers that can provide necessary help. The process of making appointment can itself aid you in fighting the depression which can be accounted for the suicidal thoughts. Also ensure that you aren’t inclined on taking any intoxicant as it might magnify and accelerate the depression.



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