How to free your house from mosquitoes or disease spreading insects?
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How to free your house from mosquitoes or disease spreading insects?

Mosquitoes are not considered as a good creature in our social life as it is disease spreading and also very annoying. It can lead to very dangerous health problems and even death of an individual. There are different types of mosquitoes which regularly visit our house and spread some kind of diseases. One of them from it we should be aware of is “aedes aegypti”, since its single bite can cause dengue which is believed to be very harmful for human beings. In some areas, especially in the backwards areas, anopheles, a genus of mosquitoes which is the foundation of malaria, is even found.

As you all know that it is nearly impossible to remove any creature from our environment externally until they become automatically extinct. It is a true fact. So we can’t get rid of the mosquitoes from our atmosphere. The thing you all must know about them is that they can’t fly kilometers to catch their prey, they always try to find their prey in the nearby areas. So the best way to get the control over them is to minimize their reproduction at their preferred places.

Here are some tips you can go through to get a control over mosquitoes. They are as follows:

1. Sun Light must be proper in your house as the mosquitoes love to live in dark, moist and cold environments. That’s make sure that you are receiving enough lightning from the sun.

2. Prevent the assimilation of water such as in pond, lake etc or any other kind of still water assimilation, it might become breeding place for mosquitoes. Recycle or organize all the waste produce such as used goods, pots, buckets, cans and tins etc. Always remember that the female mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water (puddle). And they grow very fast and develop into larvae and become adults in 10-14 days only.  Exhaust the bathtub to prevent mosquito’s eggs to hatch at least once in a week. If the water is integrated at any place, put some fishes in that water puddle to prevent larvae as fishes are the natural predator of larvae. Or you can put ABATE powder into the water to prevent larvae to turn into adults.

3. You have to change your habit of hanging clothes on a hanger for a long time. You must not get used to hang clothes for a long term on hangers especially behind the doors of bathroom. Instead you can make your room less tidy; it could also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. In spite of doing that, you can hang your clothes in the wardrobe and put some fragrance and camphor into it.

4. To get rid of mosquitoes entering your place, you can install nets at the ventilation areas like doors and windows. Or you can also try to purchase some mosquito’s trap which can be installed easily and can become a part of your interior decoration and if installed correctly, it will look extra ordinary and beautiful.

5. Reduce plants that are too green. The plants that are abundant will bring freshness, calmness and natural atmosphere around the house. Or else, the site will also be preferred place to mosquitoes. That’s why the leaves must be periodically reduced.

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