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How To Prevent Swine Flu - Six Powerful & Simple Tips

Several people consider wearing a face mask and consuming vitamin supplements can boost their immunity power against any disease and thus prevents swine flu. Although, several specialists consider that we require doing more than this to keep the swine flu away from you.

Wearing any medicated face masks can prevent a contaminated person from coughing or sneezing on yourselves or other people. However, it does not prevent germs from attacking our organs. And even taking lots of vitamin supplements can’t help us if we don’t maintain a healthy routine.

As the vaccine is not still available of swine flu, we are very exposed to swine flu or the H1N1 virus. The best method to manage the swine flu is by strengthening our immune system.

Some specialists suggest the following tips to strengthen our immune system:

1) Following on a Healthy Diet

Some swine flu specialist suggest consuming a balance diet regularly having minimum 5-7 serves of fresh fruits or vegetables in the meal. Your regular diet may also comprise of good protein and important oily acids. Salmon or egg can be considered as a marvelous choice.

2) Exercise at least 30 min. daily and minimum Five Times a Week

Swine flu specialists have discovered while performing moderate exercises, the immune cells of our body flows quickly in the whole body and have the ability to trace and kill bacteria, viruses very easily. After the completion of exercise, our immunes system comes back to its normal state after some time. But if you exercise on a daily basis, then the optimistic immune retorts your body displaying like even ever-lasting.

3) Consume sufficient quantity of Vitamin A and Vitamin C

Vitamin A is needed to sustain tissues coating of our lungs as well as the digestive systems. If you want to consume Vitamin A supplements, then sweet potatoes, carrot can be the good choice. Vitamin C serves as an antioxidant which stops the sudden inflammations of the coating of tissues in our body. There are some supplements which have high amount of vitamin C such as organs, grapes etc.

4) Get enough Sleep

While we sleep, our body gets the change to revive our body cells and renovate it. This also makes sure that the immune system of our body is operating at its most favorable times. We must also ensure that we sleep in the rooms having good ventilation.

5) Say No to Smoking

Smoking can concede our respiratory system and thus turning it more vulnerable to the attacks of flu as well as viruses and bacteria. By having a balanced diet, a smoker can probably eliminate cigarettes from his/her life since according to him the balanced diet can spoil his taste of smoking cigarette. It will thus make him quit to smoking very easily.

6) Cleanses/Purifies Your Blood

It also cleanses and purifies the blood with garlic, spinach, tomato as well as nettle tea. It enhances the circulation with recurrent drying of skin during brushing. It also assists in lessening the cellulite quantity in women.

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