If any of your accomplices is suffering from depression ...just suggest them some tips
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If any of your accomplices is suffering from depression ...just suggest them some tips

"Depression".... the best possible ways to deal with

Depression is nothing but mood swing which needs attention. In daily life we get upset and suffer ‘the blues’. If it goes like that for a long period, despair and emptiness start ruling our life which is known as depression. When someone is depressed he or she suddenly feels hopeless and everything in life becomes meaningless for that person. Few major causes behind depression are work environment in office, dissatisfactory progress in life, family issue, excessive stress, break-ups with loved ones and many more. Now it is so common that every three people out of the five are patients of depression. It affects people from any age. We can see Women in depression, depression in elderly, depressed in special situation but what can help them to come out of this annoying phrase of life? Let us find out few remedies to get back to real life.

Best possible cures for depression

Stay away from negativity: Negativity leads to pessimism. You cannot achieve anything if you are not optimistic in your life. Your confidence and positive thinking will guide you to achieve your goal. Negativity makes your mind weak and responsible for creating jealousy, enmity and lust.

Counseling: It certainly helps when you meet a counselor. Communicate with a psychiatrist or psychologist who can actually find out the causes of depression and guide you accordingly.

Sometime we get depressed when we receive any sad news. The sudden shock gives a pinch in our happiness. The best way to ease out the tight situation is communication. Share your thoughts and feelings with your friends and family when you are mourning about a sudden demise.

Take care of yourself: It is very important to give value your priorities. Live a stress free life to ensure good health. Sleep at least 6- 7 hours is always recommended to avoid fatigue. A sound sleep will keep depression at bay. To get a tight sleep fix a time to get into bed and avoid excessive intake of coffee. Eat that you like especially when you are depressed. Good food definitely changes your mood and makes you feel content. You will be astonished to know that chocolate is also considered as a healer. It is the time to indulge yourself with the best food and undoubtedly it will result into a quick end of your demented spirit. Relaxation is equally important to fight against depression. Make your mind strong and practice yoga to cure it.  Anti-depressant medication effectively helps to deal with depression. Take medical help to balance your life. Travelling can also be a good option to curb your boredom.

Everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine. Depressed people often ignore it and forget to smile. Start your day with a fresh hope and don’t forget to smile and pass the same to others. Spend times with your loved ones if your mind is not in your control. Relive some happy moments that bring smile to your face. Ultimately it’s in your hand how you change your gloomy face into an enthusiastic one.

Book reading can also be a great help and sometimes inspiring to lead our life positively. Detective novels keep their readers glued to them and sci-fi also appeals to its readers who can’t leave it unfinished. Even if you are reading a story your mind gets involved with it which can help you to get out from depression.

The worst part of depression is that people start ignoring their life and despite harmful consequences, depression leads to several bad habits including drug and alcohol. People attempt suicide out of depression and leave a note behind. If it is treated properly it can be cured and the same depressed person can get a second life. Try above mentioned way outs to deal with the commonly faced trauma and come out of the blues.



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