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Lifestyle And Home Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes

Experts are of the opinion that careful management of type 2 diabetes will go a long way in bringing down the risk of serious and even life-threatening complications. So, here are some tips with respect to lifestyle changes and home remedies that can help patients in management of diabetes with ease:

Commitment towards diabetes management:

It is important that the patients should keep themselves aware of whatever they can about this health issue. It is important that they should follow a healthy exercise routine along with proper diet. It is better to establish a better relationship with a doctor, who can help in effective diabetes management.

Regular eye exam and yearly physical exam are important:

The important point to be remembered by diabetes patients is that their regular diabetes check up should never replace their yearly physical and regular eye examination. Generally, during diabetes screening, the doctor will pay attention only to the level of diabetes and its management. On the other hand, the complete physical examination will help in identifying any other complications created by the increased sugar level in the body. Generally, reports state that diabetes patients are more prone to conditions like glaucoma, cataract and retinal damage. This is the reason why regular eye examination is also important.

Up-to-date immunization:

The important point to remember is that long-term diabetes can weaken the immune system. So, it is important that the patients should get their flu shot every year and even as per the recommendation of the doctor the pneumonia vaccine can also be taken once in a year. Even, these patients are recommended to get Hepatitis B vaccination, if they are between the age group of 19 and 59 years. For patients with more than 60 years and not had the Hepatitis B vaccine, it is better to talk to the doctor in this regard.

Dental care is important:

Diabetes can also leave patients to be prone to gum infections. So, these patients should brush twice daily and they should also floss the oral line once in a day. Also, regular dental examinations to check for bleeding gums or swollen gums will help in prevention of any serious complications in the dental hygiene and health.

Feet attention is important:

Patients with diabetes generally get wounds in the feet and it will take longer for recovery as well. This is why they are recommended to take effective care of their feet. They should wash their feet on a daily basis with lukewarm water and they should be dried gently, particularly between the toes and a moisture lotion can be used on a regular basis. Also, feet should be checked on a regular basis for any swelling, redness, sores, cuts and blisters. If there is any sore that is not healing, it is better to seek medical attention.

Blood pressure and cholesterol should be kept under check:

Consumption of healthy foods and regular exercises will go a long way in keeping blood pressure and cholesterol under check. Also, smoking and alcohol usage should be restricted to lead a healthy life with diabetes.

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Hii, I am from West Delhi, Please tell that can moisture be responsible for infections ?
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Hello, good to see that you are from West Delhi, yes,that is why u must keep your genital organs clean and dry because moisture can favour infections.
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