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Most Common Lies Related to Health We Tell Ourselves

Looks like you are one of those folks who can consume everything they fancy, from crispy burgers, chips to pizzas but will never gain an ounce because you are ‘apparently’ genetically blessed.

Most of the people think that as long as the man or women in the mirror appears as fit as an athlete, there is nothing to worry about the unhealthy food habits, which might be responsible for an unhealthy future. You might want to reconsider this ideology.

The havoc that you have been playing with your body will clearly not manifest the very next morning, but in a couple of years.  Mentioned below are few lies related to health that you still continue to believe are true but in real they have the potential to send you to your grave sooner than you expected.

Holding throughout the week and unleashing yourself on alcohol in the weekends - This habit can be commonly observed in college students. But always keep in mind that your body and its mechanism also ages with you. It is very important for you to be aware of the fact that this habit of drinking can certainly upset you liver. As per the researchers from the University of Texas, middle aged man, who follow the above mentioned habit and engage themselves in monthly binge drinking occasions, which can be approximately defined as four to five drinks within an hour, are likely to die twice as early than men who drink on a daily basis but moderately. The above data was deduced in a study period of twenty years.

Pizza after a salad – As per the researcher from the Northwestern University this pattern is called licensing effect. You will tend to unleash yourself more if you have in mind that you have avoided certain unhealthy food items in the past. But it is of utmost importance to be aware of the fact that a calorie avoided is not equal to a calorie burnt. For example passing a sweet dish or a birthday cake in the office during the breakfast does not permit you to consume those unhealthy fried burgers and fries in the lunch.

Smoking occasionally or socially - As per a research by the University of Georgia, a guy who has limited himself to only few cigarettes in the weekend is likely to experience a drop in arterial function and blood flow throughout the weekend. This is precisely the reason that people who smoke occasionally suffer from heart, lung and several other critical conditions just like a regular or full time smoker.

Sleeping six hours in a day is adequate – Not really true. As per the researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, people with a schedule of six hours of sleep per night performed poorly in the tests based on alertness, which was similar to the performance of people who appeared for the test without sleeping. According to various researches sleeping for less than eight hours in a day can be accounted for higher rates of obesity, cancer, heart disease and in worse cases, fifteen percent drop in the working memory of the brain that functions to assist you in solving problems and decision making. A minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep is essential for your body and brain to function in a healthy manner.

Sodas are okay – Despite of the presence of significant evidence, as per which a cup or two of coffee or tea can be linked to several health benefits such as lower diabetes rate and improved function of brain, people tend to think that the source of caffeine is of no significance. But as per various researches by the University of Miami, consumption of cola, irrespective of the fact that it is regular or diet, increases the risk of heart disease by around forty three percent.



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