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Natural Remedies For Black Spots

Flaunting a glowing and flawless skin every day is the dream of every woman. However, the patches and dark spots generally come as obstacles to achieve the dream. Generally, the dark spots in the skin can be caused due to increase in the melanin production. Even though, there are many chemical based products available in the market for providing relief from black spots, they can cause some side-effects when used on a long-term basis. So, the best method women can follow is to rely on some home remedies that can provide effective cosmetic remedies. These natural remedies will help in safely getting rid of dark patches and naturally improve the glow of the skin. Here are some remedies that can fight against dark spots in a natural manner and they can be used right from the comfort of your home:

Lemon extract:

This can work as an excellent bleaching agent and reports state that deficiency of vitamin C is one of the important factors contributing towards dark spots and this issue will be rightly taken care when lemon extract is used. As it can work as a bleach, lemon extract can be applied entirely on the face with the help of a cotton and it should be left for 20-30 minutes after applying. After this, it can be washed with fresh water. However, it is recommended not to keep the extract on the skin for more than half-an-hour and it is also recommended not to get Sun exposure after applying and before washing off the extract.


Not just for patches, the aromatic sandalwood can provide excellent remedy to any type of skin problems. It can work on age spots, darkness in patches that are caused by acne and any other type of infection in the skin. All that is to be done is to make a face pack by mixing some powered sandal with rosewater and the same should be applied on dark spots. This application can be left on the face overnight and can be washed off the next morning. Even, to this place a few drops of glycerin can be added and this paste should be applied and should be left off for few minutes before washing off with warm water.

Raw milk:

Raw milk has lactic acid content that can lighten the dark spots. The milk can be applied to the face at nights and can be washed off with pure morning. In the case of women with oily skin and for those with acne, they can use buttermilk as against raw milk and to the buttermilk a few drops of lemon extract can be added for the best results.

Aloe vera gel:

Aloe vera gel can bring about magical benefits to the skin when applied on a regular basis. Fresh extract of this plant in gel format can bring not just this solution; it can bring a natural glow to the skin, by bringing down the different issues present in the skin.

More than anything else, these natural remedies can be used from the comfort of the home.

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