Nearly 6,000 Swine Flu cases have been reported here across India this year

Nearly 6,000 Swine Flu cases have been reported here across India this year

The first and the important sign of H1N1 influenza is High Fever.  But this time patients with just cough and sore throat have been testing positive for the diseases.

The Doctors said that the basic reason in the change of the symptom is because of viral mutation. The new symptom included here was also Loose Motion.  Apart from the typical symptoms included is high fever, cough, sore throat, running nose along with the body ache.


Swine flu is basically a respiratory infection that weakens the immune system and has claimed 485 lives across the country so far this year.


As per the latest health ministry data 6,000 laboratories confirmed the cases of H1Ni influenza 'A' were reported from across the country January 1st and February 12th.


As per the medical experts elderly people, children and those who are immune -comprised or suffering from diseases like cancer, HIV or have undergone organ transplant are vulnerable to the diseases.


As per the SRL CEO Sanjeev vashishta, the laboratory is receiving close to 1,000 samples every day from across the country and is looking at expanding capacity to handle more cases. The lab has also tied up with the Rajasthan government to collect and test samples from government hospitals in the state.


They have got many samples from past last one week.

Dr Arup Basu the chairperson at sir Ganga Ram Hospital said antiviral medicine oseltamivir should be taken at an early stage.

Once the disease develops in the body, the efficiency of the medicine starts going down, “he said, adding even a vaccine, which is preventive in nature, should be taken at least 3-4 weeks in advance as it takes time to build the protection level.




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