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Perfect Diabetic Diet Tips for Indians

Following right diabetic diet can successfully govern Diabetes Control.  Eating habits is one of the most important factors as things we eat and things we don’t affects the flow of diabetes and the reversal or cure for diabetes.

Mentioned in this article are few diabetic tips from various prominent diabetologists and nutritionists.   Even if you are not suffering from diabetes but are pre diabetic, borderline diabetic or even if diabetes is the part of your family, it is very important to strictly follow a diabetic diet to avoid diabetic conditions

Dr. Sanjiv Bhambani a diabetologists with Moolchand Medcity suggested that a perfect diabetic diet should contain high amounts of fibre, an adequate amount of milk without the cream, fruits which are seasonal and fresh along with butter milk and plenty of green vegetables. It is also important to note the consumption rate of the above mentioned compounds should be moderate.

Diabetes Diet for Indians: Indians should include carbs, fats and proteins in the ratio of 60:60:20. The doctor further explained that the intake of the calories should strictly vary from 1500 to 1800 calories along with carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the ratio of 60:20:20 respectively. He further added that a perfect diabetic diet chart should include a minimum of two seasonal fruits and three vegetables (green preferably) in the diet plan on daily basis.

Thought some of you may consider dry fruits as a healthy option for diabetes but the level of fructose present in dry fruits can spike the level of sugars immediately. For controlling diabetes, always try to consume fresh fruits instead of dry fruits although there are some precautions with fresh about which we will discuss later.

The following recipe is shared by the doctor for a healthy diabetic diet –

· One tea spoon of seeds of methi soaked for at least a night in 100ml water is very beneficial for controlling diabetes.

· Consume juice of fresh tomatoes with empty stomach every morning.

· Consumption of a approximately 5 to 6 almonds (soaked in water) on a daily basis is also helpful.


Rekha Sharma, President and Director of India Dietetic Association has shared some of the prominent diabetes diet tips or suggestions that each and everyone should strictly follow at any place and time, maybe home or your working place.

Whole Grains, Oats, Millets, Channa Atta and other foods which are high in fibre should be the major element in the diet chart on a daily basis.

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Even if you are inclined on eating Pasta or Noodles make sure your food is rich in vegetables or sprouts.


Milk is the perfect combination of carbohydrates and proteins. The combination of the two controls the blood sugar level efficiently. Two servings or glasses of milk in a day are perfect for a diabetic chart plan.


Vegetables with high amount fibre content for example peas, beans, spinach and broccoli should be included majorly in the diet chart. Another healthy option is to consume pulses with husk and sprouts are a very healthy choice of food and can make the diabetic chart more beneficial.


Pulses are also a very important part of the diabetic diet chart as they do not affect the blood glucose levels as compared to other carbohydrate containing food. Vegetables which are rich in fibre content help the level of blood sugar level to stay low and hence are very healthy.


Fats like Omega 3 and monounsaturated fats also known as MUFA can be consumed as they are extremely good for the body. Natural sources for obtaining such fats are canola oil, flax seed oil, fatty fish and nuts. These products are free from trans fat and are very low in cholesterol.


Fruits which have content of fibre such as papaya, apple, guava, pear and orange should be consumed on a daily basis. Mangoes, grapes, bananas and grapes have high level of sugar and therefore such fruits should be included less often in the meals as it can spoil the diabetic diet chart.


Small Frequent Meals –


Consuming large meals can raise the levels of sugar in blood in one’s body. Therefore it is very important to have small meals to avoid both high and lower levels of sugar in the blood as they both can be fatal. Even if you want to consume more food that usual make sure the small meals include snacks like dhokla, fruit, butter milk, upma or poha, vegetables and high fibre cookies.

Following a diet chart which has low content of carbohydrate and rich in fibre content along with an adequate amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals is extremely good for healthy diabetic diet chart. Try to avoid extremely sweet food and food rich in fatty content. Following a five meal pattern can also be very beneficial.


Things to Avoid –


Artificial sweeteners used in cakes and sweets, which are made majorly for diabetic people.

Consume as much fluid as possible.

Keep a check on the consumption of alcohol.


Is Non-Veg an Option or Not –


If a person with diabetic conditions wishes to consume flesh then the most suitable option in all the types of flesh available is fish and chicken. Avoid red meat as the amount of saturated fats present in the red meat is extremely harmful for diabetic patients. Another important note is to people who have cholesterol – avoid consumption of egg yolk (yellow part) and read meat as both are rich in it.


The diabetes diet for Indians should be of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. As we have already heard a gazillion time that a healthy and perfectly balanced diet can improve health very efficiently. Contents included in a balanced diabetic diet may appear boring and drag but if the meal is cooked properly you can enjoy the food just like any other. So feel free to call your moms and start with the diabetic diet schedule






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Perfect Diabetic Diet Tips for Indians

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