Pizza Hut vs Dominos -Which would be the better option
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Pizza Hut vs Dominos -Which would be the better option

Eating out on a Friday night or be it any week night when you are just bored of eating homemade roti subzi, ordering a pizza is the easiest way out. When it comes to Pizzas, Dominos and Pizza hut dominate any Indian food court. Here is a calorie count of the most sought after items on their menus.

Healthy options: A simple vegetable pizza at Pizza Hut is healthier over an 8” veg pizza at Domino’s, although the calorie count will vary with the choice of your toppings. Mushrooms have lesser calories over tomatoes and onions, also the amount of cheese will make a difference, so choose your toppings wisely.  Comparing the overall menu, Pizza Hut is a lot healthier over Domino’s.  Whereas, Subway on the other hand has a healthy menu with low calories in all the items on their menu when compared these two pizza giants.  At Subway, you can also choose from salads which have just 17.5 calories and a Veggie


Pizza hut



No. of Calories

Simply veg pizza (1 serving)

115 cal

Chicken supreme pizza (1 serving)

128 cal

Garlic bread (1 serving)

424 cal

Garlic Bread Cheese (1 serving)

549 cal




No. of Calories

Garlic Bread (1 serving- 2 pc)

913.3 cal

Chicken Wings (1 serving , 2 pc)

361.4 cal

Choco Lava Cake (1 serving)

700 cal

Thin crust vegetable pizza, 8”(1 pizza)

718 cal

Thin crust vegetable pizza, 10” (1 pizza)


Thin crust vegetable pizza, 12” (1 pizza)

1615 cal



Compared to both the options above, options at Subway is much healthier.



No. of Calories

6” Veggie Delite (1 serving)

233.8 cal

6” Aloo Patty (1 serving)

381.5 cal

6” Veggie Patty (1 serving)

445.6 cal

6” Paneer Tikka (1 serving)

507.7 cal

6” Roasted Chicken (1 serving)

332.3 cal

6” Chicken Tikka (1 serving)

313.6 cal

Veggie Delite Salad (without dressing) (1 serving)

17.5 cal

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