Prediabetes - What Should You Know?

Prediabetes - What Should You Know?

Some people might be developing early warning signs of diabetes, but there is still time to make healthy changes that can help you in reversing the trend. A diagnosis of prediabetes means that your blood test report shows that your blood sugar level is slightly higher than normal. If proper lifestyle changes are not introduced, it will not be possible to protect yourself from getting type 2 diabetes. Reports state that patients with early signs of type 2 diabetes will get this disease within 10 years, if they do not take appropriate steps to control their blood sugar level immediately. For a patient with this condition, the damage high blood sugar level can cause to the heart and the circulatory system would have already begun.

Who is at risk?

People falling under the following categories are known to be at higher risk of developing diabetes:

• Those with higher levels of triglycerides in the blood

• Those with lesser level of good cholesterol in the blood

• Those with high blood pressure

• Individuals with family history of type 2 diabetes

• Men and women of more than 45 years of age

• Those who are inactive

• Those who are overweight with BMI of 25 or higher

As most of us know, diabetes is a condition, wherein there will be high blood sugar level in the blood. This condition will lead to a wide range of complications in the long run inclusive of circulatory problems, heart issues, kidney and eye problems. Reversing prediabetic condition is all about effective management of blood sugar levels in the blood.

Blood sugar and diabetes:

Blood sugar, which is otherwise called as glucose is a substance that the body manufactures from the foods consumed by humans. It generally travels to the cells, thereby providing nourishment and energy to the body. The hormone called as insulin that secretes in pancreas keeps the glucose levels in the blood. Insulin is also responsible for signaling the liver for metabolizing glucose.

When these functions happen in the body in the right manner, the blood sugar level will stay steady and it will stay within the narrow range. On the other hand, for those with prediabetic condition, this complex interaction of substances starts to work less efficiently. This can be just because the pancreas might not be producing enough insulin or the cells become resistant to the work performed by the insulin.

What to do about it?

Nobody wants the progression from prediabetic condition to diabetes. Yes, there are some simple things that patients can do, such that they can reverse the trend and can bring their blood sugar level back to normal. The good news to remember here is that these changes will make the individual look and feel better as well. They can reverse the trend by:

• Eating better by choosing foods with high fiber and low fat and calorie content.

• By engaging in physical activity at least for 30 minutes per day and

• By bringing down weight to a certain extent.

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