Psoriasis – Some Preventive Measures To Control Flare-ups
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Psoriasis – Some Preventive Measures To Control Flare-ups

As the popular saying goes ‘prevention is always better than correction’. As the actual cause of psoriasis triggers is not known, it is recommended that people should take some preventive measures to protect themselves from the flare-ups.

What is psoriasis? It is actually a long-term skin disorder that causes the skin cells to grow rapidly, thereby resulting in red, silvery, white and thick patches of skin. In normal people, skin cells grow in a gradual manner and will fall away about four weeks once. Also, new skin cells grow for replacing the external layer of the skin as they shed. On the other hand, the growth and shedding off happens in a rapid pace in the case of people with psoriasis.

Preventive measures:

Discover your particular psoriasis triggers: Dermatologists are of the opinion that common triggers of this skin disorder are infection, drinking, smoking, stress, prolonged exposure to sun and injuries to the skin. When these triggers are avoided, you can bring down the chances of getting psoriasis.

Moisturize: It is important that you should take all sorts of steps to keep your skin moisturized. This should be given utmost importance particularly during winter season. There are many natural moisturizing lotions and creams available in the market and natural oils like coconut oil can also be used for keeping the skin moisturized.

Daily showers: The likeliness of development of plaques can be reduced by maintaining a good hygiene and taking showers on a daily basis can be of great help in this regard.

Too much scrubbing should be avoided: When you experience irritation in skin, do not scrub it harshly as it can trigger psoriasis.

Certain medications are to be avoided: It is found that medicines like beta blockers that are recommended for high blood pressure and drugs prescribed for depression like lithium can trigger psoriasis. It is also found that antimalarial drugs are also triggers. But, when you face these health issues, it is better to get natural cures for them as against these medicines.

Relaxation and anti-stress techniques can help: Generally, patients, who have been diagnosed to have psoriasis, can follow the above-mentioned tips to keep the disease under control. Not only the patients, but also those interested in preventing psoriasis can follow some relaxation and anti-stress techniques to protect themselves. Nearly 80 percent of the people with psoriasis flare-ups report a recent mental trauma like loss of a loved one.

Limit alcohol consumption: Generally, leading a healthy lifestyle without any bad habits like alcoholism and smoking can prevent people from getting psoriasis. If you cannot get out of the habit of alcohol, just a two drinks a day is enough. When you go beyond this limit, you will experience psoriasis flare-ups.

Do not smoke: As mentioned earlier, smoking is one of the important triggers. Smoking can worsen the symptoms of psoriasis and so keep yourself away from this habit.

In addition to all these tips, try to keep your immune system functioning at the optimum level. There are immune boosting supplements that can naturally help you in maintaining your immune system health and these supplements can be used.

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