Simple symptoms but may cost you much if ignored
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Simple symptoms but may cost you much if ignored

5 symptoms that need to be cared for:-

Some diseases come with indications but we often ignore it out of negligence. As they linger, we eventually find ourselves on the hospital bed. Here are some symptoms that you better not ignore before it is too late.

Weight Loss: You hit the gym, maintain proper diet, ditch soda water for plain water, climb stairs instead of elevator to shed extra calories but abnormal weight loss is an alarming symptom. Lack of nutrition can be one of the causes for unintentional weight loss. Other major causes of sudden weight loss are chronic diseases like HIV, Parasite infection, depression, cancer and gastroenteritis which need to be evaluated by specialized doctors.

Unexplained lumps: If you are experiencing a sudden growth of bowels in your body, consult a doctor first. Doctor can suggest you medicine or may ask you to examine it. Lumps in breast need immediate attention even if it is painless. Test report confirms its status which can be benign or malignant. If it is benign it will not trouble you but if malignancy is found, you need to rush to an oncologist. The sooner it is diagnosed the better will be your chance of survival.

Gastro Symptoms: Abdominal pain, nausea, stool in blood and loss of appetite could be an alarming bell of something completely benign to a major inflammatory bowel or cancer in colon, liver or even in pancreas. In this matter you need to consult any gastroenterologist who can ask you for Ultrasonography to start the treatment. If it is critical and unidentified after the USG, endoscopy or colonoscopy can be a way to find the actual cause. Other than this acidity, ulcers, gallbladder can also give you similar symptoms. A thyroid hormonal dysfunction can be a cause for decreased appetite and weight loss.

Fatigue and Insomnia: Everyone needs 6-7 hours of sleep in a day to function properly. Often we complain about sleeping disorder, apnea which eventually results into fatigue. When it comes with body ache it means your body demands more energy and lack of it gives such troubles. Fibromyalgia includes muscle and joint pain, sleeping disorder which is often mistreated. Its symptoms are exhaustion, depression, dry mouth, abdominal pain, itchy skin, digestive disorder, brain fog and lack of concentration power. This can be curable if you consult any doctor on time. Medications, alternative therapy can bring some relief to such patients.

Depression: We add stress in our life and makes is complicated. Depression comes without any notice and there is no particular reason for it. In depression patients become out of focus and everything around him makes no difference. It invites other troubles like loss of appetite, weight loss where our overall health gets affected including cardiac abnormality. Depressed patients often attempt suicide when their brain stops functioning properly. Only Psychiatrist or psychologist can help them to come of it through effective counseling.

Ignoring these troubles would be a foolish action. We all believe that prevention is always better than cure. Remember, if any disease is identified in its first stage you have a higher chance of recovery. Only thing that you have to ensure is proper diagnosis by consulting a doctor.

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