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Simple ways to avoid swine flu H1N1 virus

This article will assist you to learn simple and practical preventive measures to avoid swine flu virus as well as other airborne diseases.

The most basic step for preventing this virus is washing hand frequently. We should use hot water with soap to wash our hands and that would be the best protection. This flu is spreading in many areas so one must wash his hands many times in a day. This is really a good practice to begin at anytime and also becomes more important for those persons who have been exposed to this virus from any menu. If you are not comfortable going to sink often times than you can use its alternative, an antibacterial sanitizer for hand.

There are many public places where thousands of people roam around and goes in or out by a single door. Everybody touches the same doorknobs for doing the same! Some of them may be suffering from swine flu and thus carrying H1N1 virus with him/her. So doorknobs must be considered as a risk factor for making you ill if you don’t follow the required preventions.

You must be going in restaurants or hotels at weekends with your family for dinner/lunch etc. There are many hands that might have touched the salt or the pepper shakers laid there in the restaurant. And even the menu cards have been hold by many guests over there.

There are many things like this that might have been in contact with you and the other affected people as well and thus increase the risk of swine flu. There are many risk factors in your kitchen also. You might be surprised to known that even the sponge you were using for washing the utensils may contain harmful microbes or bacteria in it. After using it, you leave it at side of the sink which in turn results in more than 25,000,000 microbes roam over it. You can also kill them by placing it in microwave oven and on it for at least 60 seconds. You can also do this by turning over the dishwasher cycle completely. In accordance with the US Department of agriculture only the use of bleach solution can’t sterilize the sponge.

There are several other places also that require your attention to avoid flu virus such as the public toilet bowl which has more than 41 germs per square inch. And if you compare it with your keyboard which contains 21,000 germs per square inch, isn’t it awful. Clean your keyboard daily with any disinfectant wipe and also the mouse and monitor. Even televisions, stereo, video games etc are regular using devices must be cleaned time to time.

Since you want yourself as well as your family to not to effect swine flu then you should remember these simple techniques of avoiding it. Don’t touch things at public places. If it is compulsory than wash or hand thoroughly or use hand sanitizer. This will surely help you.

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