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Surprising Health Benefits Of Ice

Most of us wish to pamper ourselves with a bucket of hot water for taking a bath. But, have you ever dared to take bath from a bucket of ice cold water. You will never prevent yourself from taking such a bath, when you understand the benefits ice can bring to your health. Here are the benefits to know:

Burns calories: When you pour a bucket full of ice water in your body, it will instantly start working to get back to its normal temperature. When you take such a bath, the rate of metabolism in your body will reach up to 550 percentage hike, thereby helping you to burn more calories. So, if you are looking for bringing down the calorie content in your body, taking an ice cold bath can be the wonderful idea.

Increases the glow of your skin: Generally, it is stated that people with dry skin should never take hot water bath. This is because hot water will remove the level of oil that is naturally present in the skin. On the other hand, when these people rub an ice cube on their skin, the exactly opposite thing will happen. This means that it will retain the oil content and will make the blood to rush smoother on the skin surface, thereby giving a great glow to the skin.

Helps in getting shiny hair: Like in the case of skin, rubbing an ice cube or washing your hair with ice cold water, will make the cuticles to lie flatter, thereby helping your hair to get shine as it will begin to reflect more light.

Refreshment to the senses: When you bath with a bucket full of ice water, the sensors in your body will be activated. This in turn will add a surge to the adrenaline, thereby making you feel alive and happy. Neuroscientists working for the Institute of Psychiatry in London has stated that consuming ice cream can make a person feel happy by stimulating the orbitofrontal cortex of the brain. The same thing can be done by a cup of ice water too.

Eases pain: If you have niggling aches in any part of your body, ice can provide an ease to the pain by distracting your brain. This is the reason why rugby players sit in ice tubs after completion of each match.

Boosts immune system: Generally, some people feel that they will get cold when they take cold water or ice cream. The reason for this type of cold is that the body is not already used to such cold substances. On the other hand, once your body gets used to the coldness, taking a bath in ice water can play a major role towards improving your immune system health. This happens because ice can increase the number of white blood cells in the body, which in turn will keep the infections at bay. Also, reports state that people taking shower for two minutes in ice water get fewer cold as compared to those taking hot showers.

So, now I think you will be ready for an ice water bath. Of course, for the first time, you will have fear, but once you start bathing, you will enjoy the coolness!

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