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Symptoms In Children That Parents Should Watch

In general, most of the parents rush their little ones to the hospital due to high fever, broken bones, bleeding and strange rashes. It is not a new thing that parents worry about the health of their little ones. The reassuring fact is that as the mom/dad, you probably know everything about your little one. This includes everything right from his/her habits, troubles and routines. So, you can easily identify when there is something different in your child. Here are some symptoms that should surely worry you if experienced by your kid and it is better to take him/her to the doctor, when the following complaints are stated/identified in your little one:

Lack of response to loud sounds:

If you are a mom or dad of a newborn, you know that the infant cannot tell you that he/she is not hearing correctly. Also, infants do not respond to every little sound as per your expectation. Even though, hearing screening would have been done by your pediatrician, it is better to take him/her to the pediatrician, if he/she is not responding to loud sounds to identify any potential hearing issue.

Hearing loss:

When children begin to grow, they are introduced to different musical devices like television, video games and stereos that put them in the risk of hearing impairment. Reports state that children in the age group of 6 and 19 years are at higher risk of permanent hearing impairment, due to exposure to loud noise. To avoid such things from happening, it is better to keep the noise at safe levels in your home. Also, it is better to limit the time spent in loud noises as much as possible. If the kid complaints about difficulty in hearing, it is better to take him/her to the doctor.

Trouble in focusing:

Again, babies cannot tell you when their vision is blurry, but there are ways you can identify. For instance, if you find that your baby is not focusing on objects or if he/she has difficulty in finding close objects like your hand of face, it is better to take the baby to the pediatrician. In the case of school-going child, look for signs like difficulty in reading, squinting and watching television sitting very close. If your child is not performing well in the class, ask him/her whether it is possible to see the blackboard. Many students are diagnosed as ADHD or disruptive or poor students, mainly because of their unidentified vision problem. If your child constantly rubs, his/her eyes, it can be a sign of vision problem.

High fever and severe headache:

Generally, kids run into fever due to some simple illnesses like stomach trouble, minor infections and bug bites. But, if the fever is high and associated with headache, such that your kid is not able to even open his/her eyes, it can be a sign of a big issue. So, take him/her to the doctor immediately. If identified earlier, the underlying problem can be rightly cured.

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