Tips For Silky Hair

Tips For Silky Hair

The hair is like the crown to the entire body and this is why hair is given utmost care by some women. When some men and women are naturally blessed with silky hair, they lost the silky and lustrous appearance due to many external factors and even due to factors that contribute towards the same within their body itself. Regardless of the reason behind the lost shininess of the tress, women can follow the remedies given below to gain back the shiny appearance:

Almond oil: Even though, many cosmetics are available in the market these days, in addition to costing more, they also bring side-effects based on the ingredients used in the product. However, natural methods are always safe to use and in addition to bringing the required results, the natural remedies like almond oil can bring long-term and safe solutions. The Vitamin E richness of this oil has the natural toning properties. Before taking head bath, this oil can be applied to the scalp for about 30 minutes. When this is done, blood circulation to the scalp will improve, thereby providing strength to the roots and ensuring hair growth.

Hibiscus leaf: All you have to do is to bring in some leaves from the hibiscus plant and just make it a paste by adding water to it and grinding in mixer grinder. This paste in addition to improving the silkiness can also make the hair healthier as well. You might have come across many natural shampoos with the images of hibiscus on the label. The reason is that it can improve shininess, strength and it can control dandruff as well. It can also prevent baldness and can provide nourishment to the tress.

Essential oils: Essential oils are other remedies for silky and smoother hair. Apart from strengthening the scalp, essential oils can relax stress, depression and anxiety. Some of the varieties of essential oil include chamomile, lavender and olive oil. For best results, it is recommended that these oils can be used at least once in 7 days, whenever the users find time to relax.

Aloe vera gel: Even though, aloe vera is something that is used for centuries in India, it has earned global recognition only recently. It can protect the tress against itching, baldness and dandruff.

Lemon extract: Lemon extract can provide a shiny appearance to the hair. All that is to be done is to mix a few drops of lemon juice in water and it can be used for hair wash to improve the shine of the tress.

Shikakai: This is also a natural product that is added as ingredient in many shampoos. Shikakai is stated as a wonderful remedy for different problems related to hair. In addition to improving the health of the hair, this product can improve its shiny appearance as well. Typically, it should be mixed with water for making a paste and applied to the hair and scalp and should be left for sometimes before washing. Continuous usage of this remedy can bring long-term benefits.

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# Aarush 2017-03-31
Hii, I am from Daman, can you plz tell me What is the mode of infection in syphilis ?
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# Dr. Naresh 2017-04-01
90 percent cases in syphilis are transmitted through unsafe sexual contacts, Mothers can also pass infection through breast milk, you can also consult with good Gynecologist in Daman .
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