Tips to Prevent Cancer or Cardiovascular Diseases Part-I
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Tips to Prevent Cancer or Cardiovascular Diseases Part-I

There are some tips for you to enhance your health considerably and allows you to prevent cancer and some cardiovascular, aging, diabetes disease etc. And I should make it clear in the starting only that none of these tips include use of any drug or medicine which may prove harmful to you.

Lose weight and become fit: Being a fitness freak by losing weight up to a certain level should be the first step towards enhancing your health and resists deteriorating diseases like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, aging diseases, diabetes, dental problems, macular deteriorate etc. If you usually surf online you may search for a chart used for calculating one’s BMI (Body Mass Index) by height or weight or both. You can calculate your BMI and check whether your body mass index is in the health range or you are fit or not. According to experts you must have a BMI within 18-24 and if it is above or less than this range, then you ought to effort towards it to attain the specified range as it is the indication of the occurrence of any health issue. So to avoid any health problem, you should reduce your weight or if you are very slim than gain some weight accordingly. Since losing weight is essential for reducing stress from your cardiovascular system or your heart and thus reduces the chances of diseases. The fatty people are more prone to diseases and their tissues comprise of sophisticated and reactive O2 or Oxygen species known as free radicals. These radicals can grow your heart to be old and results in the deposition of plaque on your arteries and other components and can also destroy your DNA cells and thus can cause many types of cancer. Thus, if you have the BMI within the specified range you will have less tissues which are full of fat, and will have less number of free radicals in human-body, so diminishing the age of personage’s body and hence preventing the degenerating diseases. In this way it can increase the protection against some of the above discussed diseases.

Do exercise regularly: You should do exercise on a daily bases, but prior to initializing the itinerary you should consult your family doctor or physician for the same. And then after join any institute providing regular exercising programs or courses according to you. There’s no need of exercising for long, as you are not going to take part in any marathon or have to make your body by working out for 8 hours long in gym regularly, what you want is just to be healthy and maintain your shape too. You ought to have opt for a level-head exercising course that can embrace of calisthenics, dancing or some other recommended exercises etc. Aerobic exercise can results in stimulating one’s cardiovascular system, dancing increases your stamina as well as flexibility, and an-aerobic exercises can strengthen your muscles. And one must keep in mind that there’s not any requirement to do all of these at a time.

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