Tips to Prevent Cancer or Cardiovascular Diseases Part-II
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Tips to Prevent Cancer or Cardiovascular Diseases Part-II

Continued after part-I

Do exercises regularly: According to experts a person must perform the appropriate energetic exercises for 30 minutes and that too three times in a week. These exercises may include run, walk, aerobics, swim, hike, play energetic games like tennis, cricket, and golf and performing workouts in some gym etc. By performing appropriate exercises you can expend your calories which can integrate in your body and result in increased body weight and exercising will lessen your BMI (Body Mass Index). Calisthenics exercise can also offer you the necessitated figure by reducing your appetite and shaping your other body structures.

Consume balanced diet: One must consume balanced diet regularly with sufficient vitamins, minerals as well as calories. You might be aware of the fact what happens to a carved apple, it modifies its own color and thus turns brownish because of oxidizing free radicals. A very simple way to prevent this change is to pour some lemon juice over those slices and thus the apple looks fresh just like after chopping. This is due to the reason that lemon juice includes vitamin C which serves as an anti-oxidant which counteracts the effect of free radicals on the pieced of cut apple, and hence thwarting ruining them. In the similar approach, the free radicals are generated in the human-body further and thus results in aging of our organs and other diseases like cancer or other cardiovascular system related diseases. As you might be aware, human body produces protecting anti-oxidants that usually reduces the damage done due to free radicals. Now the question arises what is the number of anti-oxidants produced by our bodies? Well, this relies on many aspects which includes our genes, food we consume, stress or anxiety levels, or exposure to sunlight, its radiation, regular exercising & several more. Nonetheless, besides from the above, our regular dietary supplements are very prominent for these certain stages of anti-oxidants and usually, we people with our busy-scheduled lives and unbalanced diets are surrounding ourselves to get in contact with many diseases like heart diseases, strokes, many types of cancers, diabetes and other aging diseases. Since the human body was not designed like to consume very fatty and fried foods with no healthy vitamins and minerals and lots of unhealthy complements inn it. Although, there are several alternatives to prevent these types of degenerative disease. What we ought to perform is stop eating food in fastidious manner and focus on consuming balanced diet having sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals or can eat raw food supplements like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables as these have huge level of natural anti-oxidants to secure our boy from sunlight and other free radicals present in environment.

Regular check-ups are important: You must scan your body time to time for anti-oxidants level of your body. Since, after giving a lot gap in regular check-ups can increase the difficulty of knowing the real state of one’s immune system and the process of prevention of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases etc. Before time it was almost impossible to deposit your blood sample and tissue sample and it was very expensive and time-taking for common men to get analyzed in laboratory for examining anti-oxidant levels of one’s body.

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veneral diseases are those which can be spread through sexual contact, The spreading agents can bacteria ,viruses etc, The examples are syphilis and gonorrhoea can be can spread by sexual contact, you can also find list of Gynecologist in South West Delhi.
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