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Tips To Prevent Development Of Cataracts

Reports state that cataracts are the leading causes behind blindness in the world over. The report further adds that by the age of 65, more than 90% of men and women get this issue. The problem associated with this condition is that it will make the lens of the eyes to become clouded and the loss of vision will happen in a gradual and painless way. So, it can be difficult to identify the condition initially. Even though, it is recommended to have regular eye examination to identify the issue earlier, there are some ways that men and women can follow to prevent and for treating this condition.

Making daily strides:

Protection to eyes from the sun:

Experts are of the opinion that long-term exposure to the sun is something dangerous for a wide range of reasons, right from skin cancer to eye problems like cataract. So, it is recommended to use sun glasses, when an individual will have to spend long hours under the sun. Here are some points to remember in this regard:

• Both Ultra-Violet A and B rays can be culprits when it comes to battling against cataract. The latter rays can also lead to macular degeneration as well.

• Even, radiation treatment for any health issue can lead to this issue.

• Further, computer screens are known to generate a low level of radiation. Even though, there are no studies to explain the correlation between computer screens and cataracts, it is recommended to sit at least a few feet away from the computer screen, in addition to limiting the overall time spent in front of computer.

Avoid smoking and drinking:

Smoking is known to release free radicals into the body and this habit can also bring down the ability of free radicals in repairing damage. The more free radicals the body has, the more cell damage will happen, thereby leading to cataract. So, to protect the health from many issues, it is important to quit smoking. There are a number of alternatives available these days to get out of the habit. Also, when it comes to alcohol consumption, it is better to restrict it at the rate of one glass per night. More consumption will lead to problems, not only in eyes, but also in other organs of the body as well.

More Green vegetables:

Experts are of the opinion that green vegetables can play an important role in cataract prevention. The antioxidant benefits of collard greens, spinach and kale are known to work effectively against formation of cataract. These greens have antioxidants known as zeaxanthin and lutein. Other green leafy vegetables can also bring benefits. Taking vitamin E and C supplements are known to be beneficial in cataract prevention. Some of the foods that can help in this regard are strawberries, grapes, oranges, bell peppers, guava, nuts, spinach and broccoli. As against taking supplements in pill form, it is found that there is stronger correlation with healthier diet and cataract prevention.

In addition to these things, maintain a healthy weight to prevent the formation of cataract.

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