Tips To Quit Antidepressants

Tips To Quit Antidepressants

Generally, antidepressant medications are prescribed by doctors, when a patient is deeply depressed and not able to get out of the issue just with the help of behavioural therapies alone. But, generally, most of these patients and their relatives are not aware of the fact that anti-depressants should not be continued for long. There will be a day in the life of these patients, when they should tell to themselves that ‘I am perfectly all right now and so this is the time to stop taking medicines for depression’. The fact to remember here is that this is the day that should be celebrated by them with all happiness by putting all the skills they have learned in the form of behavioural therapies. This is also the time to stop taking medicines for depression.

Even though, you might feel that you can stop taking medications, the decision should be made only after consulting with your doctor and getting his/her advice in this regard is important. Only when the doctor’s advice is taken, he/she will help you in identifying the pitfalls to avoid when you are trying to quit these addictive medicines. Depending on the specific drug that you are taking, quitting can turn out to be the toughest endeavour. The reason is that when you start to lower the dosage, slowly you will experience the side-effects to a great extent.

Reduce dosage slowly:

Doctors generally recommend not to stop any medicines all of a sudden and there should be a gradual reduction of dosage before completely quitting it. This is truer in the case of anti-depressant medicines. The period of gradual reduction should range from four weeks to even four months. Even, there are histories that show that it took nearly one year for some patients to completely quit these drugs.

Healthy mind = healthy body:

Generally, the health of humans is something considered to be closely connected to their moods. The opposite thing is also true, which means that only when you are healthy enough, your mind will remain fresh and active. This is why regular exercises are recommended. When this is the case of normal people, as you are in the process of quitting your depression medicines, you should be highly careful about keeping your body healthy with right level of exercises.

When talking about healthy body, not just exercise, taking healthy diet also counts. You can feel better when you keep away from fast food and oily stuff.

Remember that good night sleep can also turn out to be the building block for good mental health.

Avoid stress:

Avoiding stressful incidents in your life is all the more important when you are trying to slowly quit medicines for depression. Keep your life as stress-free as possible and this will help you in getting out of these medicines without any difficulty whatsoever.

Emotional support system can help:

When you are in the process of quitting these depression medicines, it is important that should have an emotional support in the form of your friend or spouse or children.

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