Top 3 Kitchen Ingredients To Soothe Your Tooth Ache
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Top 3 Kitchen Ingredients To Soothe Your Tooth Ache

Generally, toothache occurs due to a number of reasons like infection, cavities or other problems like inflammation, bleeding gums, etc. Experts are of the opinion that the bacteria that is naturally present in the mouth along with the ensnared food particles in between the oral line will give rise to such oral issues that will result in irritating and annoying pain in the teeth and in the gums. It is generally recommended that tooth ache should never be treated on your own and you should seek dentist help for remedy. However, it will never be possible to reach a dentist immediately after the toothache begins and this is where some ingredients in your own kitchen will help you until you visit the doctor. Here are the details about 3 such ingredients that can help you out:

Salt: This fundamental kitchen ingredient can go a long way in helping you out to deal with toothache. You can use salt for preparing a natural mouthwash. All you have to do is to just add a table spoon of salt to a glass full of warm water and allow the same to dissolve. Just pour some water to your mouth and gargle thoroughly. The salt will help in extraction of excess fluid gathered in the decaying tooth or the affected gums, thereby reducing the swelling and providing relief until you visit your dentist. This remedy will also help you in fighting against bacteria in the oral cavity and will combat bad breath as well.

Pepper: In addition to being a wonderful ingredient for seasoning, pepper can be helpful in countering toothaches in an effective manner. The right kind of relief can be provided to aching gums with this spicy kitchen ingredient. All you have to do is to grind some black peppers together and make a paste. Just apply this paste on the aching tooth to get the required relief. Alternatively, salt can also be mixed with ground pepper to get the required relief.

Garlic: Garlic can play a major role towards alleviating tooth ache. However, it will contribute to bad breath, which should be handled separately. Due to its medicinal and antibacterial properties, it can provide the right rescue from tooth ache. All you have to do is to take one or two cloves of garlic and chew it to get the required relief. But, if the pain is higher and you cannot chew, the best thing you can do is to crush a few cloves and you can add a little salt and can apply the paste on the area of pain. As bacterial effect can be slowed down by garlic, it can bring you the required relief, until you reach your dentist.

In addition to these top 3 kitchen ingredients, other ingredients used in kitchen like baking soda, onions, cloves and asafetida can also provide you the required relief. Again, it is important that you will have to visit your dentist to ensure your oral health before it worsens and these home remedies can provide you short-term relief only.

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