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Top 3 Secrets To Prevent Ageing Naturally

A popular saying states that ‘There is an anti-ageing possibility, but it has to come from within’. If your goal is to lead a youthful life, you should have the real commitment to reach it. The fortunate thing here is that regaining or keeping your natural vitality and youthfulness does not have to be complicated any more. Even, this task will not be expensive and time-consuming as well. When you follow a holistic health based on the 3 secrets revealed below, you can effectively battle against the process of ageing:

1. Fill up your diet with antioxidant rich foods:

Antioxidants can help in gaining better weight control. They can also bring down the risk of diseases and here are some details to know:

• You can get antioxidants from fresh vegetables, whole foods and fruits. These foods can provide superior protection to your body against inflammation.

• Scientific reports state that chronic inflammation in the body is caused mainly because of the continuous consumption of packaged foods, processed oils, flour and white sugar.

• Human life is bombarded by free radicals that are responsible for cell damage. When age advances, it will become difficult for the human body to process these free radicals. In contrast, when you consume foods rich in antioxidants like green tea, your body can fight against these ageing contributors.

2. Take charge of your stress levels:

A recent report submitted by researchers working for University of California has stated that chronic stress can speed up the ageing process as much as 10 years.

• Identifying your stress-relieving factors like music, playing with kids, games and spend at least half-an-hour on a daily basis on the activities that can relax your mind, if you lead a stressful life.

• When your stress level increases, there will be an increase in the production of hormone called cortisol.

• When the level of cortisol increases, it will create different health issues like increase in blood sugar level, immune system weakness and even infertility as well. Of course, it will speed up your ageing process as well.

So, to fight against ageing, you should know how to fight against stress.

3. Good sleep is a great healer:

It is true that the present lifestyle demands more, but you should never reduce your sleeping time. A study conducted by the National Institute of Health in Washington DC an average of 9.5 hours of sleep deprivation can cause premature ageing.

• You can prevent pre-mature ageing by establishing a restful and regular sleep cycle of at least 7-8 hours.

• Have the practice of maintaining the bedtime every night and ensure that the dinner is completed at least 2-3 hours before bedtime to avoid digestive disorders.

To sum up, both your mind and body should be kept young to fight against ageing. You can do other things like consuming at least 8 glasses of water each day, switching to good fats and bringing down the salt consumption. Buckle up and start working against Ageing with the tips given above.

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