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Top 7 Tips To Survive Cold and Flu Season

Generally, every year, the months of December and January increase the chances of people getting infected with cold and flu and this happens because of the changes in the climatic conditions. Now, with the month of December almost reaching its end, there are more than 40 or 45 days left for extreme cold season as it will most probably continue until the month of February. So, how to stay protected from extreme cold and flu would be your question and here are some tips to survive:

1. Wash your hands: If you get cold and flu this season, your dirty hands may be the important contributor. This is because many viruses spread through the hands. If your hands are not clean enough, there are great chances that you pick up germs in your fingers and let them get into your eyes and mouth, thereby causing infection. So, keeping your hands clean can play a major role towards prevention of cold and flu.

2. Get a flu shot: You might be thinking that flu is a minor issue. But, it can prevent you from engaging in your important activities for more than a week or so.

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To avoid this, it is better to get a flu vaccination. This is important for carrying women, kids and old people.

3. Be prepared for cold season: When the cold season is fast approaching, it is better to keep the essential supplies ready in your home to fight against cold and flu. It is better to stock essential medical supplies like decongestants and pain relievers. Other important supplies are hand sanitizer, soap and tissues. Ensure that your thermometer is in working condition.

4. Pay close attention to symptoms: Keep a watch on some symptoms of cold and flu like running nose, head ache, body ache and exhaustion and get medical help immediately before the flu gets severe. Of course, you can rely on over the counter medications like decongestant, cough remedies and painkillers. You should be careful about choosing a remedy that can cure your particular problem.

5To avoid this, it is better to get a flu vaccination. This is important for carrying women, kids and old people.

5. Keep away from antibiotics: Remember that cold and flu are caused by viruses and so it is better to keep away from antibiotics. They can cure only bacterial infections. Antibiotics should be avoided because when you take them when there is no actual need, may increase the risk of breeding dangerous germs that can become resistant to drugs.

6. Stay home if you are sick: If you have cold and flu, it is better to take rest for a day. If you do not rest, it will be harder for your body to fight against virus and this might extend your cold as well. There are also chances of other people getting infected from you. So, it is better to take a sick leave, when there are some symptoms of cold and flu.

7. Use throwaways to control germs: If one of your family members is affected by cold and flu, it is better to use throwaway cups in your bathroom and you can also swap your bathroom towel hanger with paper and change it then and there, so that spreading of germs can be eliminated.

To flush out the toxins from your body, drink extra fluids during this season, apart from following the above-mentioned tips.

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