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Treatment Options For Sciatica Pain

Reports state that nearly 40 percent of people suffer from sciatica pain at least once in their lifetime. Even though, there are different conventional treatment options available for curing this issue, it is suggested to get naturally treated. Here are some natural treatment options available for this debilitating pain:


This is a good alternative treatment for this pain and in this treatment the practitioner will be inserting needles at few points in the body. This treatment is known to improve the proper functioning of the nerves and it is also known to increase the flow of energy to the affected part. Reports state that this treatment provides instant relief right on the first sitting and within a few sessions many patients have got complete relief. Presently, this treatment method is gaining popularity as the alternative treatment for different types of pains starting from migraines and period cramps.

Chiropractic treatment:

Even though, different beliefs prevail around the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustment for sciatica, many patients have stated that they have got relief after getting the treatment for their pain from a chiropractor. Under this method, the spine is manipulated for bringing down swelling and for restoring mobility. Of course, it will bring down pain and will improve the natural healing functions of the sciatic nerve in the human body.

Ice packs:

Reports state that using ice packs on the affected area directly will provide excellent relief from the pain in the sciatic nerve. Just placing ice cubes in a cloth and rubbing on the affected area for 20 minutes with a gap of two hours in between can provide complete relief to the pain within a day.

Alternate temperatures:

Even though, ice packs are known to provide excellent relief, they cannot get into the part that actually has swelling in the sciatic nerve. So, the best thing the patient can do is use a hot pack following an ice pack or even a hot shower can be taken. When the temperature is altered immediately, there will be an increase in the lymph flow and circulation, thereby providing relief to the ache. Even, this will help in bringing down the swelling that is present deeper in the body and will help in getting quicker relief from the issue. For better results, some anti-inflammatory herbs, Epson salt or essential oils can be added in the hot water used for bathing.

Mild stretches:

Reports state that mild yoga stretches can come handy to provide excellent relief for ache caused by the sciatic nerves. Not just yoga stretches, but normal mild stretches can also help. The reason is that exercises will motivate the flow of blood and can strengthen the back muscles in addition to improving the mobility.


Deep massages or trigger point therapy can also be helpful in relief. These treatment options can provide relief to numbness, spasms and muscle pains that are connected to legs and toes. For better results, essential oil can be used for massaging.

Even, taking complete rest can provide relief from this pain in some patients.

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