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Useful Health Tips for Corporate Employees

With lengthy hours right in front of the computer screen, abrupt sleeping patterns, office hours from nine to five and issues with digestion is life in a nutshell for most of the corporate employees. To have a better and healthy living, people with busy schedule should follow certain things like carrying your own water, taking home cooked fresh food to work and a lot more things, which are discussed below in this article.

Founder of a healthcare organization, which is known by the name of, Suvro Ghosh has shared some of the valuable and healthy tips for the working section of the society.

Always carry a bottle of water wherever you go- Keeping a water bottle handy is one of the most important tip specially for people who have busy working hours as sometimes people just don’t remember to drink enough water, which is required by the body. A fruit based drink for example juices and other similar products can also be a substitute for water at times.

Consume Home cooked food- Nothing fancy or expensive can replace the food, which is cooked at home. The best meal can be simple “daal chawal” if compared to other fancy food items readily available in the market. Even if you are stuck somewhere or just forgot to bring food from home, then you can simply buy food form several start ups who deliver home-cooked simple food and absolutely fresh salads. Utilizing services of such start ups is much more beneficial than ordering junk food from various fast food joints, which will be of no good to you.

Restrict yourself from carelessly straining your back- It might be very enjoyable and comforting to sit on a cushioned office chair with you back resting in various odd positions, but these things which are often ignored can be a reason of many physical problems. It is about time that we start sitting in proper postures. You have to make sure that your back is parallel to the back of the office chair you are sitting and also avoid leaning forward or slumping.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself- Too much work pressure and work load can also be very straining and may affect health significantly. You can make your client wait for a minute or two to relax your mind and ease you out to keep your head clear and avoid laziness.


Sleeping adequately- According to various researches it has been proved that even if you are thirty minutes short of the sleep required by your body, you might face short-term of even long-term consequences. Lack of adequate sleep can destroy judgment, health, performance and mood. The better way to maintain a healthy routine is to take at least eight hours of sleep on a regular basis even on the weekends.

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