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Weighing Machine and Weight Loss

It happens that the weight loss efforts are not giving any effects and any returns? Probably you don’t check the weight too often. As per the study dieters who weigh themselves too often tend to lose weight frequently compared to those who don't.

How does weighing help the weight loss?

It's Psychological. If you know that you are not losing weight then you won’t weigh yourself often to get disappointed. But when you are making efforts to lose weight you must check your weight so that you stay motivated to reach your target weight.

From this observational study researchers from Tempere University of technology in Finland, involved 40 overweight individuals having body mass index of 25 and over for whom weight loss was personal goal.

They analysed 2,838 weight measurements in participants, up to a years’ worth of weigh-ins. It was found that dieters who stop losing weight stop weighting themselves. Read:

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So, how often should you weigh yourself?

Well, according to the study, the average time that dieters can weigh themselves without gaining weight is 5.8 days or once weekly.  Weighing yourself at least once a week can help you stay on track with your weight loss goals. If you want to know which day you should weigh yourself on, you can refer to a previous study by the same team of researchers, which revealed that people tend to weigh least or the most accurate on Wednesdays.

Summarising both studies Brian Wansink, author of ‘Slim by Design: Mind Eating Solutions for Everyday Life advises,’ suggested that if people want to lose weight, they must weigh themselves every day. But if  but if they wish to weigh themselves once a week, they should preferably do it on Wednesday because that will give them the most accurate reading.


While you’re using psychological means to keep yourself focused on weight loss, don’t forget physical involvement. If you just rely on weighing yourself, it will not help.

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