Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss


Eating a snack between meals can increase hunger so that you don’t eat the dining room table when you sit down for dinner. Snacking can help you to get nutrients you need. On the other hand grazing, all day, particularly on foods of little nutritional value, may result in overeating and pack on extra pounds. These are the list of healthy snacks for weight loss.

Researchers found that participants lost significantly more body weight when they added low-sugar, high-protein meals to their daily food. Why? Because regular snacking helps maintain blood-sugar levels, keeping you full and preventing your body from storing excess fat.

1. Almonds

One study shows that people who eat almonds thoroughly (up to 40) felt full longer than those who eat less.

2. Grapefruit

Grapefruit "diet food" it might be justified: one study shows that when people simply ate grapefruit with each meal, they lost up to 4 1/2 pounds over two months. Grapefruit may help to manage appetite by lowering insulin levels, say researchers.

3. Chickpeas

Keep chickpeas in the kitchen. They have a fleshy texture, and a nutty flavour along with plenty of satiating fibre and a low protein perfect when you’re watching your weight. Try roasting them for a crunchy snack, like in this recipe for Spiced Chickpea “Nuts”.

4. Popcorn

Popcorn is good in fibre, low in fat and delivers some protein. A 1 ounce serving about 3 cups of air, popped popcorn has 4 grams of fibre, almost 4 grams of protein, just 1 gram of fat. This combination makes it a snack with staying power.

5. Oatmeal

Select your “midnight” snack wisely. If a good night’s sleep is you want, then there may be a food combination to help. The researcher recommends a pre-slumber snack that’s rich in carbohydrates and protein; this combination increases the tryptophan levels in the brain, provide you to sleep more soundly. Try low-fat yoghurt with a sprinkle of granola, a small bowl of oatmeal or a sliced apple with a bit of peanut butter.

6. Dry Fruits

For shorter flights, pack a half-cup of dried fruit, such as apricots, a handful of almonds and a few whole-wheat crackers as good alternatives to the salty snacks served in-flight. Dry fruits are the best healthy snacks for weight loss.

7. Yogurt

Use this snacks to fill nutritional gaps. Make your meals count. Choose which provide calcium and fiber—two nutrients that people often skimp on. Two snacks to try: a cup of yoghurt with a half-cup of whole-grain cereal mixed in, plus an apple.

8. Hummus

Hummus is made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. It is famous throughout the globe. It's best healthy snacks for weight loss.

9. Chocolate

Include a treat daily. Believe it or not, giving yourself small treats may be the secret to losing weight for good. If you like wine with dinner, Prefer dessert for it now Skip the drink and go for a low-calorie chocolate treat instead.

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