Can Curry Leaves Help In Weight Loss?

Can Curry Leaves Help In Weight Loss?

It is true that many different remedies are stated for weight loss at home. But, are they all effective and safe? This safety and effectiveness cannot be assured in all home remedies stated for weight loss. When it comes to cooking in India, different herbs and spices are added and one such ingredient in most of the Indian cuisines, particularly in south Indian cooking is curry leaf.

Many people believe that curry leaves are added to bring in better aroma to the dishes. But, the fact is that more than aroma, these leaves are known for their great curative properties as well. As most of us know, these leaves are beneficial for hair as well. It is known to provide excellent relief for premature graying of hair. But, will these leaves bring weight loss benefits? Let us find here:

Benefits of curry leaves for weight loss:

Easy digestion:

Indigestion is the biggest issue that leads to weight gain in some people. The great thing about these leaves is that they are effective in providing relief to indigestion issue. It is found that chewing a few of these leaves can provide relief to nausea and diarrhea. Generally, these leaves normally possess a mild herbal flavor and this flavor will help in soothing the intestinal walls, thereby improving the digestion process.

Body detoxification:

Excess wastes in the body can also lead to weight gain in some people and the point they should remember is that these leaves can provide naturally cleansing effect to the body, by flushing out unwanted toxic substances. It is found that these leaves for weight loss, when taken in the form of soup, tea or juice for two times a week can be highly effective.

Burns bad cholesterol and fat:

These leaves have the nature in burning excessive body fat. These leaves will help in burning unwanted fat and cholesterol from the body. The thing to remember here is that adding these leave to dishes will not bring any difference to the weight loss process. But, these leaves should be consumed raw and should be chewed for better weight loss benefits.

Enriched with medicinal properties:

These leaves are enriched with many good medicinal properties. But, many of us have the habit of keeping aside these leaves from the dishes. This should be avoided and even cooked leaves, even though, they cannot bring weight loss benefits, can provide relief for many minor issues in the body due to its medicinal properties. By crushing the unwanted body fat, it can help individuals to stay fit and healthy.

These leaves can be added to the diet in whichever manner possible to help with the right diet and exercise regimen followed for healthy weight loss. It can be taken in the form of herbal tea or it can be added to soup and other dishes in powdered form by grinding fresh leaves into powder.

If you are looking for weight loss, you can add this nature’s gift to your diet in different forms.

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