How To Use Lemon for Weight Loss?

How To Use Lemon for Weight Loss?

If you are looking for ways to lose weight naturally with the help of home remedies, you have come to the right place. Do you know that you can use the excellent citrus fruit called as lemon to achieve your weight loss goals, right from the comfort of your home? This fruit is the best natural fat burner and it will help in rapid weight loss process. The extract of this fruit will help in burning more calories and so it will help in achieving what is called as ideal weight in a healthy manner. Not just this benefit, this fruit can bring many other benefits to the health of humans. Here are some tips on how to use this excellent remedy for achievement of your weight loss goals:

Lemon and honey:

When you are planning to get into liquid diet for losing weight, the best thing you can do is to switch to lime juice and honey. Just drink warm extract of this fruit with honey first thing in the morning. It will help in rapid weight loss without any doubt whatsoever. Not just lime, honey is another excellent fat burner and so when they are combined together, they can bring excellent weight loss benefits in a natural manner.

With Jaggery:

When the extract of this fruit is combined with jaggery, the combo will turn out to be excellent and tasty remedy for losing weight. Just extract juice from the fruit and add jaggery to the extract as against sugar. As it is rich in minerals, iron and other vitamins, it will provide the energy needed for healthy workout sessions. It will increase body heat to make sure that wastes are excreted from the body in the form of perspiration to help in weight loss.

Along with watermelon extract:

When you are switching to liquid diet, drink lime extract added to watermelon extract as one among the many drinks that you consume during this diet period. As you are looking for burning some excess fat from your body, the best season to turn to liquid diet is summer. Lime and watermelon combined together will increase your body metabolism and will aid in quick weight loss.


Do you know that cinnamon is an excellent spice for weight loss? Another great thing worth to mention here is that this spice has great medicinal properties and it can effectively flush out toxins from the body. Just take some lime extract, add a pinch of cinnamon powder, add honey or jaggery for taste and drink this combo for several times a day to get weight loss benefits.

Cucumber extract added to lime can help:

You might be surprised to know that cool cucumber extract with lemon juice can also act as an excellent weight loss juice combo. Cucumber will help to keep the body cool during summer and it will balance the excess heat produced by jaggery consumed during your juice diet.

You can also take lime juice with just a pinch of salt and mint extract for weight loss benefits.

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