Know what Your BMI Indicates About your Body

Know what Your BMI Indicates About your Body

If you find that your weight increases day after day, a BMI calculator might be your immediate requirement. You might be aware of the fact that BMI is something that denotes Body Mass Index, but do you know what is it all about and what does this index indicates about your body? Let us find out here: BMI is something that denotes the weight status of your body in proportion your height. In short, a Body Mass Index calculator is a simple tool that will help you identify the excess fat content in your body. However, to get a complete picture of your weight status, you are recommended to use BMI calculator along with waist-to-hip ratio. If your body mass is higher, you will be recommended on how to reduce belly fat, if your doctor finds that you have huge weight around your belly. Otherwise, you will have to find a safe answer for yourself to this question.

How to Calculate?

Now, your question would be how to calculate BMI, and there are useful sources online, where you will have to provide the details like your ethnicity. If you are an Indian, you should choose Asian as ethnicity, your sex, your age, your height in centimetres, the BMI calculator will automatically calculate your height in inches on its own and finally, you will have to enter your weight. This can be stated as the online for men and also for women. Both can find their Body Mass Index online. However, you need not have such source, and if you know your weight in kilogrammes and height in meters, you can calculate on your own, and this is the formula:

A formula to calculate BMI = Bodyweight in KG/Height in Meters x Height in meters). For instance, if your weight is 70 kgs and height is 1.75 m, it should be arrived as follows:

70/(1.75*1.75) and so your BMI is 22.86.

What does it Indicate?

Now, you know how to calculate BMI, but what does it indicate should be your question here. If your BMI is less than 18.5, you are underweight and you are recommended to take appropriate steps to increase weight. If you are normal, your weight will be between 18.5 and 24.9. On the other hand, if you are overweight, your BMI will be between 25 and 29.9. You will be called as an obese individual if your BMI is 30 and more. When you are identified as overweight or obese, you should look for how to reduce belly fat or if you have excess fat in some other part of the body like thy or butt, you should take appropriate steps to reduce. As soon as you reach the overweight stage, it becomes important to take steps to prevent obesity. If you are already obese, you are recommended to rely on Ayurveda for weight loss to see good results.

Take Quick Action:

Once your BMI Calculator has identified you as an obese or overweight individual, you should take quick action to reduce the ill-effects of overweight and obesity on different functions of your body. You can follow a proper diet with right weight loss vegetables and fruits, do regular physical activities and take whatever safe methods you can to bring down weight. But, do not choose to starve as it can create more ill-effects on your health, rather than slowly restricting the food intake. If you do not want to calculate BMI on your own, just use a reliable BMI chart online to identify whether you maintain a healthy weight in proportion to your age, height, and sex. Both underweight and overweight are not good and maintaining a healthy weight with the right foods, and healthy practices will always help to improve your health to a great extent.

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