Top 2 Breathing Techniques For Weight Loss

Top 2 Breathing Techniques For Weight Loss

Generally, most of us know that boosting metabolism is the great method to keep body weight under control. Many people have a natural speed metabolism rate to keep them active and lean, but for some people, they have a slow rate of metabolism and so they should take some steps to boosting the rate to bring body weight under control. When an individual is in this process, he/she will generally pay attention to fad diets and supplements as against thinking about breathing. But, the surprising thing is that breath can play a major role towards boosting metabolism and in keeping weight under control. Reports state that just spending 15 minutes of time a day in breathing exercises can bring down the body mass to a great extent.

Fat in the human body is generally made up of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. When oxygen makes it way to the molecules of fat, it breaks the molecules down into water and carbon dioxide. The blood is responsible for filtering out the carbon dioxide and gives the same to the lungs for exhaling. Oxygen is also responsible for making the blood thinner, thereby speeding metabolism and lowering blood pressure. Here are top 2 breathing techniques that will help in achieving weight loss goals:

1. Breathing for relaxation:

Generally, when people are overwhelmed and stressed, they tend to eat more and this might result in weight gain. To avoid this from happening, the following workout can be followed during stressful and extremely happy situations:

All the air should be exhaled from the lungs

Then, inhaling should be done through nose for six times

Then, the inhaled air should be held at the top for six counts.

Slow exhaling should be done for the same number of counts

When holding and exhaling breath, it is important that the individual should sit in straight position with a straight spine.

2. Breathing for Energy:

This exercise can be done for 10 times in the morning and this can also be done any time during the day for bursting of energy either in sitting or standing position:

First of all, all the air in the lungs should be exhaled

Then, slow inhaling should be done through the nose for six counts. Whenever, the individual feels that the lungs are completely filled, a single more sip of air can be taken.

Then, the breath should be held for eight counts.

Slow exhalation should be done through mouth for 8 counts. Here, all the air should not be released at once. Once the individual feels that there is no air in the lungs to release, one more exhalation can be done.

Again, the breath should be held for 8 counts by keeping the abdomen and ribcage contracted and tight. If the breath cannot be held for 8 counts without feeling overwhelmed, it can be done for lesser counts and can be slowly improved in the future.

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