Will Zinc Help In Boosting Metabolism?

Will Zinc Help In Boosting Metabolism?

When it comes to weight loss, a faster metabolism will help people in losing weight and it will also help with keeping the weight under control as well. This is why many people look for supplements that will help with boosting the rate of metabolism. Here, zinc is known to be effective in this regard. Here are some details about how this mineral will help in achieving the goal:


Zinc is an essential mineral that should be obtained from the foods consumed and it is involved in taking care of different functions in the body inclusive of cellular metabolism, healing of wounds, immune function, protein synthesis and production of enzymes. When it comes to carrying moms, this is an essential mineral and it is also important for kids and those with poor immune functioning. It is also the mineral that is responsible for stimulation of pituitary gland for production of thyroid stimulating hormone. Reports state that those, who cannot lose weight because of low thyroid function can be benefited by taking more of foods with this mineral.


Many foods like meats and particularly shellfish is known to naturally bring about an improvement in the level of zinc in the body.  The other sources include oysters, backed beans, crab, lobster, chicken, pork and beef. People following vegetarian diet are recommended to take supplements for this mineral as this mineral is found in huge in meat and related non-vegan foods alone.


When this mineral is taken in larger quantities, the consumers will be in a position to control appetite, which will help with weight loss. Generally, for people looking for weight loss, they are recommended to do exercises and when the zinc level in the body reduces, it will make people weak, such that they cannot include an exercise regimen in their day-to-day activities. But, with supplements rich in this mineral, they will gain the strength and stamina needed for following an exercise regimen that will help in losing weight.

Time frame:

Once an individual begins to take zinc supplement, it will take some time for the body to show an increase in the rate of metabolism. It is recommended that people taking these supplements should also consume a balanced diet and should include exercise regimen as well to achieve the maximum benefits. Experts state that weight loss of one to two pounds per week is considered safe. The reason is that anything that is lost more than this level is just water weight and it will return in time.


The important point to remember is that zinc is something that can cause nausea and vomiting when taken in huge quantity and particularly when taken in empty stomach. In addition, consumption of this mineral for a longer period can bring down the levels of other minerals in the body. It is recommended that 50 mg of this mineral per day can be the highest quantity as this level can be the safe. In addition, it is recommended that this level too, must be taken in smaller doses for two or three times in a day along with meals.

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