10 Reasons You Missed Your Period

10 Reasons You Missed Your Period

10 Reasons You Missed Your Period

Nothing can create fear in women like a missed period. When it comes to missed periods, most of the women in childbearing age believe it to be a pregnancy. Of course, pregnancy will cause missed period, but what are the other reasons for a missed period? Let us find here:

1. Stress: Stress has the ability to affect many things in the lives of women. There is no exception to menstrual periods as well. Sometimes, women are so much stressed that their body brings down the level of hormone production, thereby causing non-ovulation or menstruation. So, if this is the cause, you should sit with your doctor to find out what can be done to get back to schedule. Of course, it may take longer to find the right solution to this issue.

2. Illness: There are chances of delayed period due to a short-term or long-term illness. If this is the reason, you can take the help of your gyno to find when will be your periods back to normal.

3. Change in schedules: Changing schedules can really bring an effect on your body clock. This particularly holds true when you work during wee hours and late nights. Following the same time regularly for your work can cure this issue.

4. Change in medication: If you are trying a new medication for some health issues, it may be the reason behind the missed period. When there are some changes in your medicinal schedule, it is better to ask about the changes it would bring to your period cycle.

5. Overweight and obesity: When you have gained extra weight recently, it may be the cause of delay in periods. Being obese and overweight can also affect your fertility. You can gain back your normal schedule by bringing down the weight.

6. Underweight: If you do not carry the required weight as per your height and age, there are chances of missed periods. Even there are chances of your period completely stopping when you are underweight and this condition is termed as amenorrhea. You can of course get back your periods by gaining weight.

7. Miscalculation: In general, the menstrual cycle differs from one woman to another. Even though, it is said that the average cycle is 28 days long, this will not hold true for all. A simple miscalculation might be the reason that you think you have missed period. If you have the problem of irregular menstrual cycle, but can identify when you ovulate, you can expect the periods about two weeks after ovulation. This will help you in keeping track of your periods easily.

8. Peri-menopause: Peri-menopause is a time, when women move from reproductive to non-reproductive age. During this period, your menstrual cycle may be less frequent, frequent, heavier or lighter, but you will experience some abnormality.

9. Menopause: Another most common reason behind missed period is menopause. This is a point, where you will not ovulate or menstruate anymore. You can consult a gyno to find whether you have reached menopause.

10. Pregnancy: Of course, the 10th reason is your pregnancy. A simple pregnancy test can give you the answer.

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0 # Aarav 2017-02-24
Hello I am from Thirunelveli, My neighbour has been feeling redness and burning in urethral organs, can it be a disease, should she visit gynec?
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0 # Dr. Naresh 2017-02-25
It can be a simple infection also and a disease also, If after the examination, the presence of gram negative bacteria is seen ,gonorrhoea infection can be thought of, she should visit good women's specialist- find list of Gynecologist in Thirunelveli
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0 # Chandani 2017-02-16
Hii, plz tell me,Which tests can confirm syphilis in primary stage, also suggest name of good maternity hospitals in Kanpur ?
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0 # Dr. Pooja 2017-02-17
During the primary stage,DG illumination tests are very helpful, find good maternity hospitals-J L Rohatgi Hospital ; C L Memorial Hospital and Maternity Home Pvt Ltd ; Satya Trauma and Maternity Centre.
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