5 Common Symptoms Of PMS

5 Common Symptoms Of PMS

5 Common Symptoms Of PMS

Premenstrual Syndrome, which is otherwise called as Premenstrual Tension is shortly denoted as PMS and it is a combination of emotional signs and symptoms. It can be present with or without physical symptoms that are associated with Menstrual Cycle in Women. Some of most common symptoms of this syndrome include, weight gain, headaches and cramps in legs, hands and other parts of the body. These are common symptoms as they are experienced by nearly 80% of women at least one among them before the onset of their menstrual period. Other than these, there are certain uncommon symptoms as well, like those mentioned below:

1. Clumsy feeling:

Generally, all through the menstrual cycle in women, the hormone levels keep changing more than in normal days. Before the onset of periods, the important hormones in women like progesterone, testosterone and estrogen, hit their lowest levels and they begin to increase slightly only after the beginning of the periods. The problem here is that these lowest hormonal levels can lead to coordination trouble, thereby making women to feel imbalanced. Even, it can make women feel a little dizzy as well. So, it is recommended that women should not feel anxious, if they experience some symptoms like that of vertigo.

2. Sleep disturbances:

Sleepless nights before the onset of periods can be experienced by women. The reasons for this disturbance in the level of sleep are the night sweats and hot flashes. Even, they can experience increase in the level of heartbeat and nightmares as well due to the fluctuation in the hormone levels.

3. Everything begins to hurt all of a sudden:

Here, everything does not just denote cramps and breast pain. Some women might experience joint pain, muscle pain and headaches as well. Even, some might notice that their breasts have grown in size as well. In addition, skin will be more sensitive a week before the onset and so women are recommended to fix appointment for waxing and threading at least two weeks in advance to avoid any skin problems.

4. Inability to control bowels:

Progesterone is generally known as a constipating hormone and when its level reduces, women will find that they are not able to control their bowels. They will be making frequent visits to the bathroom and the process that makes the uterus to contract and expel during the periods, also makes the bowel to act in the same way before period begins. So, women will have difficulty in controlling bowels.

5. Worsening of eyesight:

Even though, some women might experience blurry vision, the point to remember is that this is just a temporary issue. Even, there will be an increase in the water level in the eyes and most of the women experience lack of focus and concentration as signs of premenstrual syndrome.

So, when any of the above-mentioned signs are experienced, women can just check the menstrual calendar to find whether periods are fast approaching. They need not worry and they will find that these symptoms will go away gradually once the period begins.

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