Are You Trying To Get Pregnant? - Rules To Follow

Are You Trying To Get Pregnant? - Rules To Follow

Many nutritious foods are available in the market and each of these foods can bring their own effect on the health of carrying moms. Generally, women, who are trying to conceive, falter and they are left wondering about it. But, the fact is that you have great chances of getting pregnant simply by making some healthy food choices. The thing you should remember, when you are trying to conceive is that the foods that you add to your diet can play an important role in influencing the hormones in your body. Here are some foods that can bring you good news:

Blood nourishing foods:

Remember to take eatables that can provide nourishment to your blood during the week of menstruation, so that you can replenish the blood loss. So, you can eat raspberries, red grapes, cherries, broccoli, leafy green vegetables, beets, kelp, lentils, black beans, eggs and fish.

Vitamin C intake:

During the menstruation week, do not forget to increase the intake of foods that are rich in Vitamin C. The reason is that foods that are rich in this vitamin can help in absorption of iron that you take. You can include more of citrus based eatables in your diet like cherries, strawberries, potatoes, cherries, cantaloupe, tomatoes, mangoes, peas and watercress.

Yin nourishing foods:

When yin is in abundant quantity, it will automatically make the human body to flourish. In addition to strengthening the internal organs, it can bring about an improvement in the external appearance as well. Remember to include these foods during your pre-ovulation week, such that the yin phase of menstrual cycle will be rightly supported. Moderate intake of organic dairy products is suggested and you can eat foods like clean meat, eggs and shellfish.

Vitamin E intake:

Even though, Vitamin E is known to improve fertility in men, it can sometimes workout for women as well. When you take foods rich in this vitamin during the pre-ovulation period, it will help in nourishing the developing follicle. Avocados, leafy greens, cold-pressed oils, sweet potatoes, whole grains, seeds and nuts can help you in this regard.

Vitamin B intake:

Generally, foods rich in this vitamin are known to be helpful for women, particularly for those, who are planning for conception. The reason is that this vitamin can assist in the release of egg and in implantation. You can eat clean meat, eggs, whole grains and leafy greens to your diet to get this vitamin.

Zinc intake:

The human body needs zinc for the production, repair and functioning of DNA and so getting enough amounts of this compound is crucial for the rapid cell growth that happens during pregnancy. Remember to include foods like figs, whole grains, eggs, wheat germ, poultry, fish and meat in diet.

Cooked food:

You are also recommended to consume eatables that are cooked for most times of the week before your period. These foods have the ability to keep your body warm, thereby increasing the production of progesterone hormone.

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