Calcium Requirement In Carrying Moms

Calcium Requirement In Carrying Moms

At the time of pregnancy, the body needs a high level of calcium for the mom to provide to the growing baby. Not just calcium, but there will be higher demand for other nutrients and minerals as well. Generally, the skeletal growth in the baby takes place from the mid-pregnancy and this is why utmost calcium accretion will take place during the last trimester of pregnancy. Bone and calcium metabolism at the time of pregnancy has to cater to nearly 30 grams of calcium for the average fetus to mineralize the skeleton, so that normal physiological processes can happen.

Extra demand for calcium:

Even though, this extra calcium requirement on the mother could get in the middle of her own bone mineralization, pregnancy does not cause any ill-effects on the skeleton of the mom. The reason is that bone metabolism enhances significantly mainly for the skeletal growth of the fetus. This is why, expectant mothers are recommended to increase calcium intake.

Calcium and bone metabolism in carrying moms:

• During the final trimester, about 80% of calcium to the fetus comes from the mother. To meet this increased demand, the process of intestinal calcium absorption will naturally increase during this period in women.

• During this time, maternal bone loss can happen as about 250-300 milligrams of calcium build-up happens during the final trimester.

• As mentioned earlier, during this period, intestinal calcium absorption will double.

• The placenta and the growing baby will get calcium from the blood circulation happening in the body of mom.

• Even though, the daily loss of calcium during the trimester will be similar to the level happening in lactating moms, the adjustments made during these different periods in the lives of women differs. When it comes to lactating moms, even though, there will be heavy calcium loss, it will be met by the renal calcium conservation process and also by way of mobilization of calcium from her bones.

• Even, during pregnancy, calcium absorption and bone metabolism will be higher as compared to what it was before conception and after delivery.

What in case of calcium deficiency during pregnancy?

When the carrying mom, does not take enough calcium at this stage, it will bring about an ill-effect on the process of calcium metabolism and it can also lead to hypertensive disorders. Even, it can bring an effect on the growth of the fetus. In addition, it can bring about a long-term effect on the bones of the mom. This is why calcium rich foods are highly important during this period in the lives of women.

Recommended intake:

• In the case of carrying moms of less than 18 years of age, the requirement is 1300 mg calcium per day.

• When it comes to pregnant women between the age group of 19 and 50, the recommended intake is 1000 mg calcium per day.

So, carrying moms can get the appropriate recommendation from their doctor to find whether a calcium supplement is important until delivery.

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