Causes Of Pain In Legs During Menstruation

Causes Of Pain In Legs During Menstruation

With a view to create the possible ground for pregnancy, the body of a woman, releases an egg from her ovaries and this process is called as ovulation. During this process, the lining of her uterus thickens to form a welcoming environment to that egg to get fertilized. If the fertilization does not happen, her body will begin to menstruate after around 12-14 days. This process is called as the menstrual cycle and every woman menstruate once in every 21-35 days and the number of days the period lasts varies from 2-7 days.

During menstruation or period, as the uterus contracts for shedding the built-up lining and blood, women generally experience cramps, particularly on the first day or second day of period. Some women also experience pain in the back of legs. Here are some details about these leg cramps experienced by some women:


Experiencing frequent and severe pain during periods is a menstrual condition that is medically referred to as dysmenorrhea. This condition is generally classified into two and they are primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea.

Primary dysmenorrhea: This type is caused by severe abdominal contractions and women with this condition will begin to experience pain well before the periods and during the actual periods they will experience severe pain with every menstrual cycle throughout.

Secondary dysmenorrhea: This is caused due to physical issues like endometriosis, pelvic inflammation and other diseases associated with the uterus and surrounded area. This condition is not experienced by women during every period.

Leg pain common sign of dysmenorrhea:

Even though, women with this condition experience pain only around the abdominal area, sometimes, the pain can travel to other areas as well. So, severe leg pain may be caused due to dysmenorrhea as well.

Home remedies:

The good news awaiting women, who experience severe pain in legs and other area of the body, is that there are home remedies that can bring down the pain. Even, when seeking the help of a gyno, the doctor will prescribe a tailor-made remedy and even over-the-counter medication can be advised by doctor. Medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin might be recommended for blocking the chemical in the body that causes pain in the legs. These medications can also alleviate pain and cramps in other areas of the body as well during periods.

Other remedies include decreasing sugar and caffeine intake and increasing protein intake. Taking a hot shower and using heating pad in the area of pain can also provide some sort of relief to the cramps. So, there is no actual reason behind the pain in some women. Just taking some rest will help. But, if the pain does not go away, the above-mentioned OTC medications can be taken before taking rest to get the intended relief. Even, stress can worsen the pain and so women should understand some relaxation techniques to relieve mental stress, if they think that this is the reason behind the cramps in legs in other areas of the body.

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# Tushar 2017-05-17
My friend has been diagnosed with gonorrhoea, Please tell which tests will be advisable, also suggest gynec in Chhindwara ?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-05-18
VDRL tests should be done every month for 3 consecutive months for detecting syphilis as well as other sexually transmitted diseases,These tests should be conducted at proper times, find good Gynecologist in Chhindwara
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# Lakshay 2017-05-10
Hii can you plz tell me, Which fluids can cause or spread syphilis infection, alos give me the list of good gynec in Sunamganj?
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# Dr. Naresh 2017-05-11
Infection from semen, blood or lactation milk can occur and cause syphilis, Infection from blood syringes is very common, Infected mothers can transmit it through their milk also, consult with good Gynecologist in Sunamganj .
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