Do You Know About Chemical Pregnancy?

Do You Know About Chemical Pregnancy?

Do you know that chemical pregnancies are the reasons behind 50-75 percent of all miscarriages? Learning that you are carrying can be one of the most unforgettable moments in your life. But, when a lady experiences heavy bleeding around the time of expected period soon after receiving positive result during pregnancy test, it can be a sign that she is no longer pregnant. A chemical pregnancy, which can be called as very early miscarriage, occurs when the pregnancy is gone closely after implantation, thereby causing heavy bleeding.

What Happens During Early Miscarriage?

In general, when a fertilised egg implants in the uterus, the cells that would turn out to be the placenta will start to produce levels of the pregnancy hormone called as HCG. When these hCG levels reach higher, the chemical pregnancies can be easily identified during a blood or urine examination in a lady, thereby showing a positive result in the test. At this stage, an ultrasound will not be able to detect the developing gestational sac or placenta and even the scan cannot detect the heartbeat. On the other hand, in the case of early miscarriage, the fertilised egg does not complete implantation and this leads to loss of pregnancy, thereby resulting in bleeding about a week after the date of the regular period is due.


As this type of chemical pregnancies the miscarriage occurs early in the pregnancy, women might not even experience that they have conceived. Bleeding or light spotting followed by a positive pregnancy test can be the pregnancy signs as against miscarriage. But, early miscarriage can be identified with the following symptoms:

  • Heavy bleeding
  • Passing of clots from genital passage
  • Menstrual-like cramps

So, if a lady experiences heavy bleeding or cramps immediately after a positive pregnancy test, it is better to immediately seek medical help.


There can be different reasons for this type of chemical pregnancies, but it mostly occurs because the fetus has not developed normally. Some of the reasons include:

  • Infection
  • Low hormone levels
  • Inadequate uterine lining
  • Luteal phase defect

When can a lady become pregnant again?

After this type of miscarriage, she can ovulate and can get the chance of pregnancy two weeks later. However, it is better to talk to the doctor in this regard, to find whether the uterus is competent and strength enough to grow the baby or whether some supplements are needed for improving the health of the uterus.

Is it implantation bleeding or Chemical Pregnancies?

When a lady experiences light spotting or bleeding following a positive pregnancy test, it need not necessarily mean it is an early miscarriage. The reason is that some women experience implantation bleeding, which is a sign of healthy pregnancy.  But, when tissues pass from the vagina with heavy bleeding associated with menstrual cramps, it is a sure sign of early miscarriage. Either way, it is better to seek medical help immediately when spots are experienced after positive pregnancy test. The doctor can provide the right answer to your query.

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