Foods To Be Avoided By Breastfeeding Moms

Foods To Be Avoided By Breastfeeding Moms

Foods To Be Avoided By Breastfeeding Moms

All the nursing moms should remember that post pregnancy, particularly during the period when they are feeding their baby, it is important to remember that they cannot eat everything. But, they should be careful about making the right choice of foods as the foods they consume will affect their baby to a great extent. Even though, the baby is out of womb, as it still relies on mother’s milk, the mom should be highly careful about the foods consumed.

It is true that you might have great desire for some foods, but for the sake of your baby, it is important not to take that particular food, if your doctor recommends that it is not good for your baby. You might be thinking that post delivery, you are having the right foods that are safe for your baby, but if your infant is fussy, splits up a lot of milk, has rashes or has colic, there are chances that you might have taken any of the following foods as they might be culprits:


The morning coffee that you take ends up in your breast milk. Remember that your infant does not have a fully-developed digestive system. So, he/she will not be in a position to digest caffeine like that of adults. This delay in excretion of coffee will make the baby feel sleepless and irritable. So, it is better to avoid this beverage until you continue breastfeeding or until your baby reaches 6 months of age.

Spicy treats:

Even though, some mothers might be lucky enough to add an extra spoon of spice to their diet, without causing any problem to the baby, but for some mothers, even a pinch of pepper can make the baby fussy and wailing. If your baby has such difficulties, it is better to avoid spicy foods.


Remember that just like soda and coffee, chocolate also contains caffeine, even though, the quantity is lesser. If you find that chocolate is the culprit for disturbance in your baby, it is better to avoid it for a few days. If you find that there is a change in the behavior of your infant, it is better to completely avoid it until your baby develops a strong digestive system.


If you have a family history of food allergy, it is important to keep away from peanuts during your feeding period. Even though, you might not have such an experience previously, it is better to keep away from peanuts, until your baby relies on mother’s milk.


When you have garlic, there are chances that the milk will get its taste, which may not be liked by your baby. If he/she does not like the smell/taste, he/she will hesitate to even get near you for feeding. Generally, it is recommended that at least for 6 months, the infant should be fed with breast milk alone as against any other outside foods for ensuring the health of the baby.

So, keep a food journal and identify any food that creates irritation to your baby, so that you can keep away from those eatables.

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Hii, I am from Madhepura, I want to know can cigerrete sharing can lead to syphilis ?
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yes,sharing cigerette,drinking cups,common spoons etc can also lead to syphilis, Generally whenever the fluid of a person who has syphilis is shared,the infection can occur, you should also consult with good Gynecologist in Madhepura
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