Green Tea For Disease-Resistant Pregnancy

Green Tea For Disease-Resistant Pregnancy

Green Tea For Disease-Resistant Pregnancy

If this is your second pregnancy, you might be well-aware of the fact that it is really hard to grab a cup of coffee or tea without thinking a number of times about the effect the drink can have on the growing fetus. Generally, when a woman is carrying, the first recommendation she would receive from her health care provider is to keep away from coffee, tea and other caffeine rich substances, due to the risk of miscarriage. But, here comes your savior called green tea. This can be the best alternative to regular tea-drinkers, who cannot resist themselves from taking a hot cup of tea during pregnancy.

Why is this tea suitable for carrying moms?

Second-based alternative:

Reports state that this tea is the second best alternative for freshly prepared fruit juices for carrying moms. This beverage can also ensure healthy weight management and healthy cholesterol level in pregnant women. The blood sugar level will also be normalized due to the presence of a substance called as Epigallocatechin. During pregnancy, there will be hormonal changes in the body that will bring up a fluctuation in the production of insulin. But, regular consumption of this green beverage can prevent this from happening.


This beverage is also rich in a substance called folate, which if water-soluble in nature. As this can increase Vitamin B content in the body of carrying moms, birth defects in newborn can be prevented. It is also rich in magnesium, iron and calcium as well.

Absence of caffeine:

The absence of caffeine in this herbal tea makes it the best alternative for regular tea-drinkers. This antioxidant rich beverage can detoxify the body, thereby lowering the chances of fermentation.

Boost to immune system:

Generally, carrying moms are stated to have lesser immune system health. But, regular consumption of a cup of green tea per day will boost the immune system, thereby ensuring disease-resistance pregnancy. It can help carrying moms from staying away from bacteria and other infection-causing pathogens.

Delay in tartar formation:

Regular consumption of this herbal beverage can delay the formation of tartar in sensitive gums. As it is a good antidote, it can fight against gum infections.


Even though, this tea is healthier for carrying moms, they are recommended to restrict the intake for just a cup per day. The reason is that it can release around 15-16 milligrams of caffeine as against the 100-150 milligrams of caffeine produced by non-herbal beverages. As it produces an acceptable amount of caffeine to the body per cup, more than a single cup is not recommended for carrying moms per day. Here are the reasons, why this beverage can be ideal during pregnancy:

• It is the second best alternative to fruit juices

• It can prevent infections caused by bacteria due to its rich antioxidant content.

• It can prevent weight gain in carrying mom

So, enjoy the health benefits and stay disease-free during pregnancy and rejoice the joy of parenting.

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