Health Care Tips in the course of Pregnancy

Health Care Tips in the course of Pregnancy

For many women, Pregnancy means everything to them. Whenever you take decision that you are going to add a new person to your family, then pregnant must be taken a lot of care. Starting from her diet, rest to the exercise, needs to be done with extra care as it is very crucial for the future mother and her baby as well. This is the only period when women need extra care and attention to get rid of the complications. Here are some tips for pregnant woman that must be followed as soon as she understands the symptoms of pregnancy.

Maintaining health during pregnancy period depends only upon you. You just have to follow healthy diet plan and maintain a daily routine for keeping oneself and your baby healthy as well.


Caring during prenatal period

Once you get the symptoms of your pregnancy, you should immediately consult your family doctor and get all the important tests completed to ensure your pregnancy news and also take the necessary precautions for it. Once you pregnancy tests reports come in front of you, let it know to the doctor as only after that you’ll be able to know the number of weeks you are pregnant from and what will be your next step towards it.


Your diet must be healthy

After your pregnancy news, the first thing you have to do is to change your diet plan. Try to include as many as vitamins or minerals rich food in your food and also try to avoid fast foods as possible. Your diet plan should comprise of the foods which contains iron or calcium in large amount. You should consume several types of colored as well as fresh fruits or vegetables.



Exercise is as important as your healthy diet. It will help you to stay fit as well as active during your pregnancy period and it will also reduce the risk of the complications in your delivery. According to WHO, exercise have been proven as a boon in decreasing the risk of complications in delivery, the time taken as well as the chance of miscarriage.


Keep away from smoking and alcohol

During your pregnancy period, you should never consume alcohol or do smoking as it may harm the baby. Some of you may have its habit but you should avoid it if you want your baby to be safe and healthy as well.


Dental Care

Oral care is considered as an important health care tip during the pregnancy period. You should maintain the cleanliness of your teeth as well as your gums. You should follow these tips. Brushing twice in a day and using mouth wash time to time can help you in avoid the dental problems like bad breath or sensitivity etc.


Increase the consumption of water

During Pregnancy period, you have to increase the consumption of water in your day to day life. A pregnant woman should always remain in hydrated as it helps them to get rid o any health problem and also maintains your healthy skin. Except water, you can also intake juice of fresh fruits or vegetables. But you should avoid excess of tea, cold drinks, coffee consumption etc.


Proper rest

During pregnancy period, the woman needs proper rest which will also help in the proper development of the baby. But you should avoid sleeping from back side, instead you can  sleep from left side as it will give sufficient oxygen to your baby.

Keep away from stress

Try to avoid stress during your pregnancy time, be happy and tension free. You should have positive and joyful attitude towards life. You can do s by reading or doing the things which is of your interest. You can read stories, jokes etc..

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# Harikiran 2017-04-21
Hii, plz tell me,Which tests can confirm syphilis in primary stage, also suggest name of good maternity hospitals in Nadia ?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-04-22
During the primary stage,DG illumination tests are very helpful, find good maternity hospitals-Glocal Hospital, Krishnanagar, GHSPL SAMBHAV KNJ Healthcare LLP.
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# Vivaan Older than three months
Hii, I am from East Sikkim, plz let me know What is gonorrhoea ?
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# Dr. Naresh Older than three months
Hello, Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoea,This disease is caused in the genitourinary tracts, for more details plz visit good gynec in East Sikkim, find list of Gynecologist in East Sikkim
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