Heart Attack In Women - Be Aware of the Symptoms

Heart Attack In Women - Be Aware of the Symptoms

With the increasing incidence of heart attacks and heart diseases these days, an increase in the requirement to be aware of the fact that no individual is immune to this life-threatening issue. Not just old people, but also young people between the age group of 20 and 30 years are susceptible to heart diseases because of different factors.

Are there chances of heart attack in women?

Generally, it is believed that men alone will get heart attack, but the fact is that women can also get heart attack and nowadays, there are an increase in the number of women losing their life to heart problems. A renowned cardiologist accepts that it is true that unlike men, women do not show any classic symptoms like severe pain, but the main experience they will have is some sort of discomfort and general weakness. As they do not get severe pain, they tend to ignore the problem until it turns out to be something severe.

What are the symptoms experienced by women?

Even though, both men and women experience signs of heart attack that are common, women are known to have slightly different symptoms as against men and it includes the following:

Uneasiness or discomfort:

One of the important symptoms experienced by women is uncomfortable sensation like squeezing of the heart. They will also experience pain or fullness in chest or they may experience pressure in the centre. Even though, there will be occasional discomfort, the intensity might vary from mild to severe.

Pain in the upper body:

Even though, chest pain is common in both sex, women may experience discomfort in the other parts as well. For instance, they may get pain in one or both arms, stomach discomfort like acidity or indigestion, pain in neck, jaw or back.

Breathing difficulty:

Shortness of breath is a common symptom of heart attack in women. This might be sometimes followed by the feeling of discomfort in chest.

Other symptoms:

In addition to the ones listed above, other symptoms that may be experienced by women include breaking out in cold, sweat and nausea.

How is it diagnosed?

Generally, when the above-mentioned symptoms are experienced, it is recommended that women should seek medical help. If the symptoms are susceptible to heart attack, the doctor might suggest an ECG to confirm whether there are some variations in the functioning of the heart.

To conclude, when some discomfort is experienced in the chest and when there is consistent pain in any other part of the body as mentioned earlier along with issues like indigestion, it is recommended that women should seek medical help. Generally, many women do the mistake of considering the discomfort as gastric trouble or indigestion and so they take some home remedies for these issues. But, when these discomforts are experienced, it is better to seek medical help to ensure that it is general indigestion or gastric trouble and not a heart issue. This is because as most of us know heart attack is a life-threatening issue.

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