Heart Disease in Women

Heart Disease in Women

According to many people men are more prone to heart disease as compared to women, it is almost impossible to find heart diseases in women, it is frequently apparent issue of men only. But according to the research the death ratio of women are more than men every year due to heart disease. According to the statistics, around 8.6 Million woman die in the entire world because of heart failure. In the countries like US, almost 8 Million women are presently facing this problem, 435000 out of them are experiencing heart attacks and 267000 died of the same and that exceedingly each and every time. And you ought to be revelation in knowing that women under the age of fifty are more prone to this heart sickness. The fundamental causes of this sickness experiencing women more than men is the occurring of symptoms. Women are experiencing some different symptoms of heart diseases. All women must get to known about these symptoms in its early stage to prevent and lessen the probable risks of suffering from heart diseases. It is conventional that if a woman is suffering from more symptoms than she is more in the risk of this disease.

The risk aspects involving are those which can be healed or prevented or those that can’t be. The risk involving healed ones are more concentrated ry on the lifestyle of the women. These comprises of the habits intake of tobacco, smoking, high BP / cholesterol, lack of exercising, fat, extra weight and even diabetes. Out of these causes, smoking is the major cause of women’s heart disease in India and other countries too. High BP is also involved in the risks especially in the case of acquiring the reason with genetics, pregnancy, or fat or certain birth-control pills or can be due to the menopausal duration. The foremost aspect is higher cholesterol, seeing as according to the statistics the women are having more amount of cholesterol than that of men. Diabetes is also a part of this list because customary women suffering from diabetes have high BP and also cholesterol and are oftentimes fatty.

Some other risks that can’t be prevented or controlled comprises of aging, genetics hereditary and previous heart failures etc. As the time passes, human grows old and get in contact with one or the other disease, then how can women can’t left uninvolved with any heart disease, after all she is also human. Genetics background and history of family is also involved in one of the risks as it is probable to get it inherited from some relatives who had suffered from it. Out of all the risk described above, how does a women get to know the symptoms? The indication of any heart disease are like wooziness, vomit, nausea or pain in body and some unusual feeling in arms, stomach, back, jaws or at neck. To reduce the risk of causing heart disease, a woman must have to balance its lifestyle and maintain a healthy one. Her lifestyle must comprise of exercising daily for at least thirty-minute-a-day, consuming healthy food appendages and henceforth balance diet, in this way the cholesterol and BP can be maintained. And ultimately, stop smoking, it is a bad habit.

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# Jayesh 2017-04-12
Hello, I am from North Delhi, PLz suggest some biochemic remedies for gonorrhoea .
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-04-13
Kali Mur, Natrum Mur, Natrum Sulph, and silicea are few important biochemic emedies in homoeopathy which can be used safely in this case, you can also take advise from gynecologist given here-Gynecologist in North Delhi.
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