What are the Important Medical Test for Women

What are the Important Medical Test for Women

Women need to undergo medical screenings and tests throughout their lives. Why are these needed? You will learn from this article the benefits of taking this medical test.

Pap Smear Test:

  • This test is also known as Pap Test. Pap Smear test is important for women with ages of twenty-one and above.
  • Women who are sexually active under twenty-one years of age also need this Pap test.
  • Pap test was developed originally by Dr George Papanicolaou in 1950’s that it is also called Pap smear.
  • This medical test detects irregular changes in the cells of the cervix that could cause cervical cancer.
  • This cervical cancer will develop if not right away discovered through a yearly Pap smear.
  • Before Pap smear test was introduced, cancer of the cervix was the primary cause of mortality in women. However, due to the research and hard work of Dr Papanicolaou in developing the Pap smear, cervical malignancy is now ranked 15th among the causes of deaths due to cancer among women.

Mammograms (Breast Cancer):

  • Annual mammography is highly recommended for women, but it varies among groups of health professionals.
  • The group of American Cancer Society and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advise mammography screening starting at age forty.
  • Other groups of professionals including the American College of Physicians and the American Academy of Family Physicians, Us Preventive Services at Task Force and also the Canadian Task Force on Periodic Health Examination suggest annual screening starting at age fifty.
  • These dissimilarities occur because the groups that recommend year mammograms starting at age fifty believe that the hazards of exposure to radiation may overshadow the benefits of the test commencing at an earlier age.
  • Mammograms are harmless, fairly painless and needed for early discovery of cancer in the breast. When detected early, the survival rate of five years for breast malignancy is approximately 96% as declared by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The above mentioned medical test are very necessary for women’s health. Having these medical tests will be beneficial for women aged forty and above.

Melanoma (Skin Cancer):

  • It is necessary to detect skin cancer. According to the American Cancer Society among women in their 30s, Mole Screening is the second most common cancer (after breast). 
  • Basal-cell and squamous-cell carcinomas occur more frequently but are nearly 100 percent curable if caught early.
  • You should check up your skin annually and if you are at high risk means your family also has skin cancer or has fair skin or you have many moles, freckles.
  • The doctor will check your body, your ears, scalp, checking moles, freckles and skin growths.
  • The doctor will first take tissue samples from moles and send them for examined to the lab. According to on the result, some tissue can be removed for further treatment and evaluation.

Diabetes Test:

Women who have high cholesterol, frequent urination, fatigue, hypertension, blurry vision, frequent thirst or a family history of diabetes.
After fasting, to measure your blood glucose levels, the blood test is ordered by your doctor. This test is required annually If the normal test result is given by the doctor.

Heart-Health Test:

Heart –Health test is required to ensure whether you are at the risk of any heart disease or not. The heart disease is one of the main reasons to the killer of women. Women who die from sudden cardiac death are sixty-four percent, who have no previous symptoms of this disease.
Annual medical check-up is specially important when you are forty-five or older if you are a smoker, overweight or a family history of heart disease.




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