Oral Contraceptive Pills - The Unknown Benefits

Oral Contraceptive Pills - The Unknown Benefits

Oral Contraceptive pills are otherwise called as magical pills, and they are known to offer protection against unplanned pregnancies. But, many women are unaware of the fact that these birth control pills can treat a wide range of health issues in them, are known to contain progesterone and estrogen hormones, and they are packed with some health benefits for women. Other than contraptions, here are certainly there are some side effects of birth control pills as well as other benefits for which the oral contraceptive pills can be used:

Relief from painful periods:

One of the important reasons for painful periods in women is the hormone called as prostaglandin produced by the uterus. This hormone is responsible for contractions in the uterus and this, in turn, leads to pain. When this hormone level is higher in some women, they will experience severe contractions and result pain during periods. On the other hand, oral contraceptive pills can prevent ovulation, thereby bringing down the production of prostaglandin hormone, eventually leading to menstrual pain relief.

Treatment of endometriosis:

Health care providers recommend these pills as a treatment for endometriosis. In this condition, the tissue lining the inner wall of the uterus grows outside it. This, in turn, will result in pain during menstruation and even excessive bleeding between menstrual periods and even it can lead to infertility. On the other hand, the availability of progesterone-like hormone in the oral contraceptive pills will inhibit the growth of uterine lining, thereby preventing the growth of endometriosis.

Will improve hormonal balance in women with PCOS:

PCOS is the most commonly found hormonal issue in women; wherein there will be multiple cysts in the ovaries. It is found that PCOS is caused due to irregular hormones in women. But, contraceptives can regularize the hormones and also the menstrual flow.

Will help in combating acne and other skin problems:

It is found that one of the most common causes of acne in some women is the hormonal imbalance in the body. On the other hand, oral contraceptives with estrogen and progesterone hormones can bring about balance in the hormone levels, and they can also bring down the production of a male hormone called as androgen in female to provide relief from acne and other skin issues.

Brings down risk of different types of cancers:

Studies show that these oral contraceptive pills can bring down the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer by about 70 percent in women. The reason is that these pills can result in birth control methods restrict the number of ovulation cycles in women. During ovulation process, different changes take place in ovaries inclusive of hormonal imbalance, which might lead to cancer in women. Due to the feature of bringing about balance in the hormone levels, contraceptives can bring down the risk of these cancers in women.

Protection against pelvic inflammatory disease:

One of the lesser-known causes of infertility in women is a pelvic inflammatory disease. This disease can be prevented with the help of oral contraceptives. The reason is the presence of progestin in these pills can thicken the cervical mucus. This, in turn, will make it tougher for the microbes that cause inflammation in the cervix.

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0 # jiya agrawal Older than three months
From last 7-8 months we are using contraceptive Pills, so does it cause any harmful effects, please provide me with the side effects of it
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0 # Counselor Older than three months
Hello Jiya
Thank you for writing us.
We are sharing Common side effects of oral contraceptives include: intermenstrual spotting, nausea, breast tenderness, headaches, weight gain, mood changes, missed periods, decreased libido, vaginal discharge and visual changes with contact lenses.
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