Things Women Should Know About Their Breasts

Things Women Should Know About Their Breasts

Women are generally concerned about their boobs and the reason is that they are the parts that seek more attention with respect to their health and beauty. It is always better to know some important factors about these organs, such that better care can be provided to them, without worrying about any myths:

Size relies on genes:

There are great chances that genetics play an important role in deciding the size of these organs. Not only its size, but also its shape relies on genetic factors.

Two of them should not always be of the same size:

These twin organs do not have equal size and generally one breast is nearly 1/5th larger as compared to the other. To be more specific, the one on the left side will be larger as compared to the one in the right side.

They are not just made out of fat:

Many women feel that breasts contain just fat. But, other than fat, they have more things and they are the complex combination of glands and ducts. Apart from the fat, even the nipples have more things. Under each of these organs, there is muscle and fibrous tissue that separates it from the ribs. But, when women ages, they turn out to be more of fat content organs.

Gaining weight can make them larger:

The size of the boobs generally relies on the weight a lady has gained. The more fat one has the more will be the size of these organs. However, this does not hold true for all, there are lead women with large boobs as well.

Sagging cannot be avoided:

As age advances, boobs are more prone to sag. However, there are surgical procedures to avoid sagging and also there are herbal remedies in the form of creams and capsules available to prevent and to cure sagging. The other culprits for sagging include smoking, sleeping and gravity. For instance, women, who use to sleep on their stomach, can consider a change in the position as this position tends to sag the boobs at a faster pace.

Exercise can lead to sagging:

Generally, women are recommended to use sports bra when they are exercising. The reason is that exercises can make the boobs move, upward and downwards and even sideways as well. These movements can make them sag at a faster pace.

Third nipple is common:

It will be surprising to know that nearly 6 percent of women from around the globe have a third or even more nipples. These nipples also come with additional breast tissues as well. These additional boobs can also lactate and can become sensitive during menstruation as well. On an average these organs weigh around 1-2 pounds and experts classify nipples under three types and they are normal, flat and inverted nipples.

So, many women have many doubts about these organs and they can get out of these doubts with the help of the facts given above about these organs and can stay informed.

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# Lakshay 2017-04-15
Hii, I am from Mewat, Please tell that can moisture be responsible for infections ?
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# Dr. Naresh 2017-04-16
Hello, good to see that you are from Mewat, yes,that is why u must keep your genital organs clean and dry because moisture can favour infections.
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